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8 November 2017


As much as I love writing and creating my own content, I love getting the chance to read other blogs. This community is filled with some pretty talented people and I am forever feeling inspired to improve my own content after seeing theirs! There are a few bloggers who I will go back to again and again - to check for new posts, read posts I've missed and to even re read posts because I love them that much!

Jess is one of my true blogging icons and heroes! I'm also really lucky to say she is one of my closest friends that I have made through blogging and she's just the best! The thing I love about Jess (besides everything!) is her uniqueness- I have never seen a single blogger that does what she does! She has a very unique alternative style that I am OBSESSED with and she is just the true punk princess of the blogging world! I have met Jess twice now and it's safe to say that she's one of the best people I've ever met - we have the same sense of humour and she is just so genuine, kind and funny! I find myself constantly checking her blog and youtube for new content! She also won Best Fashion Blog AND Blogger of the Year and after checking out her content and becoming a huge fan it's not hard to see why! She's killing it right now and with every new post I love her blog a lil bit more!

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 Another Jess that has my heart! Jess is my goth sister and I would be lost without her! Again her content is so original and creative and I often find myself going back to re read my favourite posts because the way she writes is so inviting and so down to earth! Jess is like my other half and we have so many similar interests both being fans of the dark side- every post she writes, every picture she takes is beyond stunning and I can only dream of creating flat lays as good as hers! I have been a true fangirl of Jess for over a year now and she's one of the few bloggers who have actually made me go and buy what they wear in a post because they look so good and I need to attempt to look that fab! Jess is one of them most talented people I know, not only does she blog and Youtube but she has her own art store (I have 10 prints now!) and she is just slaying all of it! I always look forward to reading her posts because she is so unique and that's what I love about her!


Emma has been one of the bloggers I have constantly looked towards for blogging inspiration throughout my entire time blogging! I am in love with her style and how cool she looks in every single post! Her fashion posts are without a doubt my favourite and I can only wish to look as cool as what she does! Emma is also just one of the loveliest bloggers out there- I always see her supporting other bloggers and that just shows the kind of genuine person she is! I'm also a huge fan of her travel posts and the way in which Emma writes these- making me feel very jealous of all the places she gets to visit! Emma has created a look that is so cool and unique to her, which is what makes her stand out as a top blogger!


Who doesn't love Maria?! She is a true makeup queen and I fell more in love with Maria each day during October as she posted her Halloween looks! Maria is also one of the cool girls that just make everything she does and wear seem effortlessly cool, that I admire so much! Maria is not afraid to experiment with her style and look - from all the different wigs to her makeup and her style! I find myself checking Maria'a blog as everything she posts is so different and she covers pretty much everything from fashion to lifestyle! I got the chance to meet Maria at the Bloggers Awards and she is such an amazing person, she's just so genuine, so lovely to talk to and is just the cutest human ever! Her style stands her out from other bloggers as she is completely herself and that's what I love so much about her!


For me, the most important thing about the blogs I find myself going back to over and over again is down to the person behind them! These bloggers are truly amazing and I just love their personality and how unique they are. They aren't afraid to be themselves and share that with others and that is just beyond cool!

Let me know who your top bloggers are!

Till next time,

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  1. Excellent blog picks! I love all the girls you've mentioned -- fab round-up! X

  2. Great post sweet. I love finding new bloggers and posts like this point me in directions I wouldn't find myself!!
    a life of a charlotte

  3. I am so so blown away and flattered by your kind worlds gal. Bloody love you so much xxx

  4. All fabulous blogger gals as are you! x

  5. You've got some great bloggers up here! I can completely understand why each of them made your list. I love that there is so much talent in the blogging community and you definitely rank among them!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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