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29 November 2017


Can you believe we're almost at the end of the year?! I've been rethinking how I set out my monthly favourites post to make it more interesting and to give you more of an overview of my entire month, instead of just telling you what I brought!

What I've been buying...

I always find it really difficult to choose what to feature in my monthly faves because let's be honest I buy a lot of stuff each month - I just can't help myself! I never want to come across as showing off or "braggy" so I kinda don't want to do a whole post dedicated to the stuff I've brought because it would go on forever and there's only so many times I can justify my spending habits! So, I've decided from now on to choose my top three items of the month and I mean, most likely what I buy will be featured at some point on my blog anyways!

When it comes to my go to eye shadow, I tend to always go for warmer shades like red, orange, browns. That's why I am in love with this NYX Full Throttle Palette that I picked up this month. The shades are exactly what I'm looking for and it's even converted me into using shimmer eye shadow which I hated before! The shades are really pigmented and it's just such a beautiful palette to have!

I have an ever growing collection of coats and jackets, but the one coat I realised I didn't have was a thick winter coat. Being a teacher, I have come to realise that this is essential in the colder months, especially when I'm forced to do playground duty. So, when I saw this Pull & Bear Lined Parka Coat I knew I needed it as my winter coat. I also managed to get this in their Black Friday Sale and it is one of the best purchases I've ever made! It is the cosiest, warmest coat I've ever owned and I've already had so many compliments on it!

My footwear of choice has been and always will be Dr Martens. They pretty much feature on every fashion post I do and are one of my style staples. I brought my first pair of Docs when I was 17 so I decided it was about time I treated myself to a new pair of boots. I had been lusting over the Jadon Doc Marten boots for so long, as the thicker sole spoke to my alt girl soul, so I ordered them in black. Then because I have 0 % willpower I brought the Burgundy ones when I went into the Docs Martens shop legit two days after I had brought the black Jadon ones! I don't regret buying either of these boots because I know I will wear these pretty much every day and that they will last! I just love them - they are my favourite brand!

What I've been loving... 

I ordered this book for my class, as I have some pretty incredible girls in my class that I wanted to feel inspired by the stories of other women and this book is honestly one of the greatest books I've ever seen! Bedtime Stories for Rebel Girls features a series of powerful women, who have achieved pretty incredible things and sets it out like a story. I love the pictures featured on every single page, the message it tells and the diversity of women included - women from different time periods, countries, scientists, athletes, activists, fashion designers, tattoo artists! If you are a women, then this is a must read!

Something I've wanted to learn to do for a while now is read Tarot Cards so this month I made the decision to order myself some. I am having the best time learning what each card means and reading peoples fortune. I've always loved reading my horoscope and getting my fortune read online, so to be having a go with actual cards is just incredible! My mum is a huge skeptic when it comes to stuff like this but she even gave in and let me have a go at reading her future... long story short I predicted the end of my parents marriage - whoops!

Something I have never considered myself to have are a ton of friends. I'm quite a lonely person and I just tend to find it quite difficult to keep and maintain friendships with others. However, the one thing I am the most grateful to blogging for is introducing me to people who are like me! People who I wouldn't have even known about before that have now become some of my only and closest friends. The only friends I consider myself to have are my Blogger Friends and I couldn't be more happier!
I have had the chance to become super close with three of the coolest people I've ever met - Jess from Foxxtailz, Jess from Heart Shaped Bones and Juliet from Not Capulet. These girls are honestly my closest friends and it's all because of blogging! I can't even imagine my life without them in it!

Life Update... 

This month I feel like I've really found my feet with teaching and I am so much more confident and feel like I know what I'm doing at work! We're currently doing Coraline and writing spooky stories in English and I'm just having the best time teaching it! I had an observation which went really well and the head teacher was so impressed with how I've been teaching she wants to use one of my strategies across the whole school! I also went on my first ever date this month... and he actually showed up! I then proceeded to talk about serial killers and necrophilia because I clearly don't know how to behave like a normal person but... he's still talking to me so I can't have scared him off haha!

Next month is Christmas and I'm pretty much The Grinch so... we'll see how next month goes!

Till next time,

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