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18 November 2017


A word I would not use to describe my everyday style is casual. One of the things that gives me the most joy in life is putting an outfit together and putting my makeup on. When I plan outfits to show on my blog, I tend to lean towards my more out there, slightly "extra" outfits and whilst I do where these outfits regularly, I feel there is a huge gaping hole on my blog where I show you an everyday off duty kinda outfit. 
Most of my weekend is taken up by me planning for the upcoming week - both for work and my blog and I tend to live in my "activewear" - not that I ever do exercise because it's so damn comfy! At the weekend, I don't tend to leave my house if I can help it! The only time I ever really venture outside is if I'm shooting outfits or running a few errands with my mum. If I have to leave the house I tend to just grab my jeans and an oversized jumper. I also tend to have a hat as my style staple over the weekend - to hide that I'm probably in need of a shower! My makeup tends to be really minimal at the weekend as I really like to give it this time to just relax and refresh after wearing makeup every day in the week.

This is also one of the only posts where my makeup is pretty minimal! I didn't wear makeup until my late teens so I feel like I have to make up for lost time! Learning to deal with my insecurities has been helped a lot by wearing makeup and me having the power to choose how I want to look, through my makeup! It's a huge part of how I represent who I am and I just love the versatility of creating different looks! For me, my makeup has become my mask - if I have my makeup on I feel more confident and like I can take on the world. A colleague asked me the other day how I was feeling and I responded with that my eyeliner went perfectly so I was in for a good day and could do anything. Makeup has been a key tool in improving my self confidence and how I see myself. However, I am still slightly anxious about not wearing as much because I just don't feel like I look myself or as confident without it.

This is definitely a post that has pushed me out of my comfort zone in many ways because I feel like this post is my most casual and that is something I don't tend to ever do! I love being adventurous with my clothing and creating looks and outfits that you wouldn't see every day. It sounds strange but me dressing "casually" is something I'm not comfortable with. I have grown to be comfortable with looking a bit different and dressing a bit unusual, so for me to dress kinda normal is something I don't tend to do very often! But, I am trying to embrace my more casual style of dress on my blog.  I'm trying to be more open to my casual style.

Jumper - Pull & Bear // Jeans - Primark // Boots - Dr Martens // Hat - River Island

Despite my initial worry over dressing more casually- I really like how these photos came out! Autumn always helps create the coolest backdrop and I love the location we shot this simple outfit at!

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