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22 November 2017


I've been thinking about the concept of fast fashion recently and how there are a few simple steps we can be taking to ensure that we are being more sustainable with our fashion choices. Fast fashion is around the speed and demand of trends, creating a need to produce large quantities of clothing and cheaply. This then leads to the mass production and mass waste of garments of clothing and creates a wasteful attitude towards fashion consumption.

I've been taking a really close look at my clothing consumption and in all honesty I'm pretty embarrassed at the amount of clothes I buy that I - 1. don't need 2. end up throwing away. I currently have a clothes rail, wardrobe with drawers, under bed storage and clothes stored in my loft. Do I need this many clothes?! Well the answer in short is, no. Whilst researching and learning more about fast fashion, I realised I am one of the consumers that have been totally swept into "fast, easy fashion". I tend to buy cheap clothes because of the price, but this is one of the issues with fast fashion- I realise that I tend to base what I'm buying on it's price - I can't resist picking something up if it's on sale and I am completely sucked in by fast fashion. 

Being a fashion blogger, I feel is a main contributor towards my wasteful attitude towards clothing. I do tend to have a fear of creating repeated content as I always want my content to be something new and fresh! Therefore, I feel I've developed this mindset that I need to be constantly updating my wardrobe, buying new clothes, seeing what the new trends are and how I can show these on my blog. I know I'm not the only blogger who probably relates to this situation with fast fashion. Part of being a fashion blogger is loving fashion! Following trends, browsing new items, having a love for shopping! But, how wasteful are we being with our fashion choices? With around 3 out of 4 items of our clothing ending up in a landfill, it's time we start to look closer at our spending choices and start to be more sustainable with our fashion choices.

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I've been thinking of ways in which I can make more sustainable fashion choices to reduce my wastefulness. The main thing for me is asking myself - do I need this? I'm really bad at just buying clothes because I want them over actually needing them. I need to prioritise my spending choices and make sure that I reduce the amount of clothes I buy, as this tends to just lead to me not wearing and throwing clothes away- which is incredibly wasteful. Another part of establishing sustainable clothing choices includes thinking about the manufacturing process and ensuring that the people involved in the making of your clothes, are being treated and paid fairly. This can be quite difficult and takes a bit of research but it's worth it to find out! I guess the main thing for me is thinking more carefully about quality over quantity. I'm the kind of person who loves a bargain! I love finding cheap alternatives and buying in bulk, but this is what mass production and "fast fashion" is all about and it is having a negative effect on our environment and the sustainability of our planet.

Consumers thrive on exploiting "fast fashion" and making the changes to be more resourceful and sustainable with our fashion choices can seem quite a daunting task! But, making just one small change at a time can greatly benefit our world and support making fashion less wasteful and put an end to "fast fashion".

I'd love to know your thoughts on fast fashion, sustainable clothing and trying to be less wasteful with our clothing choices!

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  1. it's great that there's a shift in awareness, fast fashion is bleh. I remember very well how I used to go clothes shopping FOR FUN a few years ago, now I really think about: what do I really need?
    on the fashion blogger issue: as a reader, I LOVE if fashion bloggers incorporate wardrobe classics and style them new (or in different ways). this isn't just more resourceful, but also more practical! really enjoy your content, keep up the good work x

  2. I seriously loved this post Robyn! I find fast fashion fasinating especially coming from a retailer who tried to push it despite my views on it now! Awesome xxx

  3. Really informative article and good reflections on the own behaviour. I also sometimes catch myself buying basic clothes such as Cardigans, when I see them on sale, though I already really have enough of them.

    Maybe another way in finding unique and "fresh" fashion content is to go second hand shopping. I really found some gems doing that and sharing clothes is a good concept. While for example you think of your clothes that they are boring, another Person could find them highly exciting and beautiful. So why throwing them away? You could give them to a second hand shop or maybe even give them to an Organisation that takes care of homeless and people in need. This way your need of fast fashion is even doing something good to the community, haha :D

    Also a nice way of re-using fashion in blog posts is to show "10 ways of wearing xxx". This way you could use maybe one top or one pair of trousers worn in different ways, but at the same time creating new styles.
    Another way of reusing is to try sewing something new out of the old fabric.

    :) Great blog post! Made me think!


  4. Such a great post, Robyn! Definitely something I've been thinking about too for the past few months, I've even been trying to get into secondhand shopping but I'm not so good at scouting out the good stuff just yet! haha. :)



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