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6 December 2017


Christmas is fast approaching us and whilst I am not the biggest fan of Christmas, I am trying to get into the festive spirit. When your life is Halloween, Christmas can seem a bit... out of my comfort zone. However, Witch Crafts are the perfect company to help create the perfect gothic Christmas!
This Christmas I have teamed up with my favourite art store Witch Crafts, to share with you how you can still stay true to your goth soul this season. I have been a huge lover of Witch Crafts since they were JGDrawings (back in the day!) and I actually got my first print from their store for Christmas last year. Since then, I have been growing my collection to now have over ten of their prints and the feature wall in my bedroom is in the process of being covered in their prints. So, I was super excited to get the chance to collaborate with them as they launched their Christmas collection!

I love how a lot of the Witch Crafts prints are inspired by film and TV and their Christmas collection feature some of my favourite films of all time! I am such a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas so I am in love with these prints. They are so unlike any other art prints I've ever seen and I just love how unique they are! Being an alternative gal I am always on the look out for items that represent who I am and my interests and I am hugely inspired by gothic film and TV so these prints are my ideal Christmas present.

As part of their Christmas range they have released a bunch of different alternative Christmas inspired prints and some insanely cool Christmas cards for all your alt Christmas needs! I am also a huge fan of all their other prints and feel they would make the perfect present for my fellow goths.
If you are in need of some alternative love this Christmas then head to WITCH CRAFTS for the perfect present this holiday!

Despite being a self confessed Grinch, these prints have definitely put my in the mood for an alternative Christmas! I love Witch Crafts and think Jess does the most amazing job creating these prints - I'm just in awe at her talent!

You can check out WITCH CRAFTS and all their incredible prints here!

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