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16 December 2017


I will be the first to admit that I am a grinch. I feel like people fall into one of two categories - Christmas lovers or Halloween lovers and I am very much in the second group of people! But, if there is one thing to melt my frozen heart and make me feel (dare I say) festive, it's snow.
There is something about the snow and the ground being covered in this magical layer of white, that makes me kinda excited for Christmas. I can't help but feel festive when it's snowing in December because there is nothing more perfect! So, when it started snowing last weekend I was feeling all the festive fun and I even listened to some Christmas songs - trust me I am as shocked as you are! I also took advantage of the change in weather and scenery to shoot some pretty festive looking blog photos - perfectly fitting for the run up to Christmas. My mum is the best photographer and she actually suggested going to the park we walk our dog around to take some blog photos and I've got to say they do look pretty magical!

I need to take a minute to appreciate one of the best things about Christmas - Coca Cola. I often joke that the best thing about this time of year is that Coke is on offer. I drink Coke everyday. I often talk about how I'd be the best spokesperson for the brand (Coco Cola - I'm your gal!). I need the sugar buzz that can only be provided by this drink, so when I saw this insanely cool Christmas jumper featuring my fave brand, I knew this had to be my Christmas jumper of the year! I love the retro Santa on the front and the red is just such a festive colour. It's also one of the softest, fluffiest jumpers I've ever put on my body. I have been wearing this jumper non stop because it's just so cool and I love it so much!

Jumper - Pull & Bear // Trousers - Love Too True // Boots - Dr Martens // Oval Ring - Rock N Rose // Raven Ring - Mysticum Luna 
Is there anything more magical than snow?! I am so in love with how these photos came out and I just love the scenery and how beautifully festive it makes everything look. We even managed to catch the snow falling, it is truly is a Winter Wonderland and maybe, just maybe the snow has got me kinda excited for Christmas.

Till next time,
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  1. I love these photos, the snow just makes everything look 10x better and almost like a film set as opposed to an English park. I totally share your Coke obsession too, I don't drink tea or coffee so I get all my caffeine energy from Diet Coke, I can't get enough of it!

  2. These pictures are amazing! You look like the perfect amount of Hallowe'en on Christmas. I love both but I'm finding it hard to feel Christmassy this year... maybe it's the lack of snow!

  3. Don't worry I'm the exact same - I am definitely more of a Halloween lover, but there's just something magical about snow that I couldn't help but get into the festive mood! I love your sweater, and it looks so good paired with those plaid trousers!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  4. These photos are so pretty! I love the snow in December - it gets me in the festive spirit. I think Christmas is all about the little things.


  5. That sweater is great, and I love the photos - especially the last one!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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