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13 December 2017


Remember that post a did a few weeks ago about me not being sucked into Black Friday sales?! Yeah, well someone clearly can't take their own advice! This was my first Black Friday with which I had a wage and actual money I could afford to spend and boy, did I take advantage of that!


Anyone who knows me, knows that Pull & Bear are one of my favourite shops and I would say the majority of my wardrobe are made up of their clothes! So, when I knew they were going to be having a Black Friday sale across the entire site I was hella excited! The website actually crashed a ton of times when I was trying to buy my items (luckily this gal had already planned ahead and got her basket ready!) but I eventually placed my order and these came the next day so I was super impressed! I decided to pick up a couple jumpers because you can never have enough and I fell in love with the pattern on this red one! I have also developed a thing for slogan tees recently and picked up three new ones in the sale. My favourite has to be my one that says I AM CHANGING THE WORLD and I love wearing this one to work because I'm a teacher and I just feel really empowered when I'm wearing it (plus I love reminding my class how important I am!). The best thing I ordered was this coat! I have so many coats but I didn't have a coat that was practical for the cold weather and this one is perfect! It's so thick, fluffy and keeps me so warm in the cold!

Zara is another one of my favourite shops and I always love looking on their site because their clothing is just always interesting! I had my eye on this emerald green velvet wrap dress and when I saw it in the sale - I knew I had to buy it. I love this dress and how it makes me feel when I wear it! It's perfect for this time of year and I have a feeling this will be my Christmas occassion dress of the year because it makes me feel festive and gothic at the same time.

A brand I have been wanting to purchase from for so long is Disturbia and when I saw the dress of my dreams in their sale I had to buy it! I fell in love with the choker and hoop chain detail, it's just such a different dress to anything I've ever seen. It's so goth and so me and I honestly cannot wait to style this for my blog!

So a brand I have featured on my blog more than once are Love Too True who do the best trousers ever! They're quite a pricey brand so whenever they have a sale I love to pick up something from them. I decided to purchase the Lydia trousers because they are something completely different for me as they are quite... colourful! They're a yellow and black tartan trouser and I decided to size up to have a more oversized look for the trousers. I freaking love these trousers, despite being unsure if they were too big - they are growing on me and I cannot wait to style them!

I am a fan of liquid matte lipsticks and the only brand I will ever wear are Lumie Cosmetics. They are my perfect brand! All their lipsticks are super pigmented, beautiful shades and so long lasting (I don't ever really feel the need to reapply!) So when they were having a 40% sale I snatched at the chance and ordered myself four more shades, including my third tube of the shade Cookie as that is my everyday lipstick! I adore their products.

This year I also took the opportunity to purchase a lot of my Christmas presents in the Black Friday Sale because I love getting things cheaper than their original price! This included a perfume for my sister from Feel Unique, some Dr Martens for my other sister from Surfdome and a razor set for my Dad from House of Fraser. I loved getting my presents during the sale because it just made me happy to know I saved money and didn't get them at full price!

Did I go a bit over the top with Black Friday this year? Probably. Do I regret it? Definitely not! This was my first Black Friday and I am so happy with all my purchases, bring on the January sales!

Till next time,
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  1. Quite a haul omg I'm jealous! Love Pull and Bear too x
    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com


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