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20 December 2017


Blogging has become such a huge part of my life and along with that, so has the internet! Everything I do revolves around my life online - through my blog, social media etc. I am a true millennial in that I live my life through my phone and I don't see why that is always seen as a bad thing...
A huge part of our lives has become revolved around the internet and social media. I think about how much I use social media and how I've come to depend on it throughout my life. It's crazy to think that ten years ago the main social media sites we use weren't even around. I've recently taken on the IT subject leadership role at work, which means I'm in charge of internet safety. Something I've noticed when looking more into this (and something I definitely wanting to change in the future) is the amount of times we discourage children from making friends online. We teach children to not talk to people online and to not meet up because you don't ever know who you're talking to. Whilst, I completely get the safety issue of this I can't help but feel like a huge hypocrite telling children that online friends aren't real friends when... all of my friends I have made online and through blogging. 

There are so many opportunities I've had through blogging but for me the best thing to come out of me blogging are the friendships I've developed because of it. My two closest friendships are with my absolute favourite humans in the world - Jess and Jess (yes they're both called Jess - makes me life easier!). Both of whom I spoke to and then met as a result of blogging and social media. I started speaking to both of them online, interacting with each others blog posts and tweets and then talking to them on pretty much a weekly basis. The thing about creating friendships online is that it allows you to meet people you have common interests with - regardless of where they live. There are not many people I have met in my everyday life who I have things in common with and I often felt pretty lonely. I can honestly say the only friends I have, I've made online. Blogging has allowed me to meet people who I can talk about things we're both interested in and it's just the best feeling to meet someone who you click with! I am so incredibly lucky to have met two people who I just clicked with and who I consider to be my best friends. I know I have found two life long friends in Jess and Jess because they are just the best humans in the world and I love them both a shit ton!

If I didn't have the internet or access to social media I would never have met people who I consider to be my closest friends. Making friends through the internet has allowed me to meet people I have interests with and I honestly would be so lost without them! Internet friends are the best kind of people!

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  1. You make a really good point about the blanket statements that often surround internet safety. I made so many friends online when I was younger and while a lot of them lived further away from me so meeting up wasn't an option, I agree that I don't think it's helpful to just scare children into just not doing things online. There needs to be more of a dialogue around specific things to look out for and what forming healthy friendships and relationships is all about so that they can make wise and informed decisions on their own. You sound like a really good person for the job because you have your own way of looking at it that maybe other people you work with wouldn't have so good luck!

  2. The whole topic of internet safety is a hard one, and I think the way it is approached is all wrong. So many young people who are struggling with making friends at school can find a healthy outlet by talking to friends online, and I know that when I was being bullied when I was in school it was the people I met online that kept me sane and who I can credit with my still being alive today. As an adult, I've met many people from the internet as I've used the internet to promote my work and arrange photo shoots, but you have to be so careful as there are dodgy people out there and I've had those experiences too. I agree with Bronia, there needs to be more talk about what to look out for rather than just saying "don't do this!" because I know as a teenager I always wanted to do the opposite of what I was told to. The whole approach to the conversation is all wrong, but it's a conversation mostly being directed by people from a different generation. You'd be hard pushed to get a job in a lot of industries these days without having to meet people from the internet, particularly if you want to work in a creative field as a freelancer.

  3. I agree with you that I think as a society we are addressing the idea of internet security the wrong way. While I agree that there needs to be some responsibility taught to children in order to protect them, I feel like the generation that is less familiar with the internet and all that it can offer is living slightly in fear and they are passing that on.... They could be teaching children the safe way to use the internet to connect, and instead they are teaching them to fear everything about it.
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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