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3 December 2017


Have you ever been so wrapped up in trying to take the perfect photo that you just forget that blogging is actually supposed to be... fun? 

Photography is the one area of blogging that I have never felt good enough in. Since starting my blog a year and a half again, my photography skills have been the one thing I've wanted to improve and I feel I've made huge improvements in how I take my photos, it's just... I worry too much about them! I'm so incredibly lucky that I have my mum who is more than happy to take my blog photos for me and I spend more time in front of the camera than behind it, especially for my fashion posts. But, it's not where I'm the most comfortable and it's definitely taken me some time getting used to being the centre of attention and "posing" in front of the camera. I am always looking at other bloggers fashion posts to see how they pose and show off their clothes to learn how I should be doing it. I get so caught up in how I am standing and how I look in front of the camera, that I get really stressed out about it, to the point where I don't even want to post the photos because I'm worried I look stupid or like I don't know what I'm doing! 

 I didn't want to publish this post because I didn't think my photos were good enough. But, I then started to think and it's not that my photos aren't good enough it's that I'm thinking way too much into it and placing way too much pressure on myself to create the "perfect" image. When I first started fashion blogging I used to have so much fun shooting, even if it was by myself in the garden! I used to share my stupid outtakes all the time because they were funny and some of my favourite photos! Somewhere along the way, when I started to take this a bit more seriously, I think I got sucked into creating the perfect image that I forgot to share the fun! I have so much fun on my blog shoots, I just tend to keep those images to myself because they aren't "perfect", but they don't need to be! Blogging is supposed to be fun and I'm going to share how much I have blogging and shooting photos! 

Dungarees have been an item of clothing that has been on my radar for a while but just like usual, I had a certain image of the ones I wanted in my head and I wasn't settling for anything else! I always find myself doing this, I have a set idea of how I want something to look and spend all my time trying to find something that matches the image in my head. I'm really stubborn with my style and the items of clothing I buy. I knew I wanted a pair of black dungarees, no rips in a straight leg style. I never thought about buying them in a cord style but when I saw these I fell in love with them and knew I needed them in my wardrobe. I feel like dungarees are a key staple item in a wardrobe as they are such a versatile item that can be styled to suit pretty much any occasion and any style. I am in love with the corduroy material as it's so different to any of the other pair of dungarees I've seen being sold on the high street. 

Dungarees - Nasty Gal // Jumper- Vintage // Boots - Jadon Dr Martens 

My favourite pictures are the ones where I'm not always being the "perfect" blogger or getting the best shot because they just show off who I am and how much fun I'm having. I  definitely needed my mum/ photographer to remind me to just have a bit of fun and stop being so serious in my photos all the time!

Till next time,
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  1. Like always you look amazing love that sweater

  2. Absolutely love your jumper in these photos!

    Kayla | www.daintydweeb.com


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