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27 January 2018


Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I’m not suddenly going to become a walking Barbie doll. However, my style has changed in a slightly less dramatic way and I think it’s time we addressed it.

My wardrobe has been changing over the past few months and it’s been such a slow subconscious transition that I didn’t even notice until I was having a good clear out post-Christmas. Whilst looking through the mass chaos that is my wardrobe, I began to realise a pattern with the kind of clothes I wanted to give away or chuck out. I was no longer wearing clothes that were my favourite at uni and then it hit me… I’m no longer a care free student. Okay, I knew before this that I’m not a student anymore and I wasn’t exactly a wild party animal whilst I was at uni. But, the way in which I dress has changed quite a bit since I left uni last year. I don’t go out as much as I used to, I think I’ve been to a club once since May (because they are gross, vile places and I’d rather be at home in my PJs, eating pizza). When I do go out, I tend to see how I can take items from my everyday style and see how I can make them more “night time”, instead of having a completely different wardrobe because I just don’t see the point in having masses of “going out” clothes when my idea of going out is going for a few drinks in Spoons after work on a Friday (and being home by 10pm because granny life). The clothes I need and what I need them for has changed dramatically – I need clothes that I can wear to work and be comfortable in all day but I can also wear at the weekends. I guess, my fashion has very much changed to a more casual everyday style because in all honesty I would just rather be comfy!

I don’t know whether this change is slightly influenced by how cold it’s been recently! I feel like this is the coldest it’s ever been and I am finding myself reaching for a jumper and clothes made out of thicker fabrics – so I don’t constantly feel like an icicle! My Monki dungarees have been my favourite thing to wear recently, for this very reason! They are so comfy and I have been able to style them in a ton of different ways and for a bunch of different occasions. These are my favourite thing to wear to work at the minute because they have quite a wide leg, which makes them so comfy. I have been loving pairing this with a different bunch of jumpers, but this green one has to be my favourite. I love the forest green colour, as it adds a tiny hint of colour whilst still being in my dark colour palette. The pockets on these dungarees are everything! I feel like this outfit sums up my transition into a more casual style and I am embracing it with open comfy arms. 

Jumper - Pull & Bear // Dungarees - Monki // Boots - Dr Martens 

This doesn't mean I'll never wear a PVC skirt again or walk around in a mesh top and bralette. They are still very much part of my style and items of clothing I will always be drawn to. It just means that I'm going to making more of a conscious effort to think about how often I will wear an item of clothing and embracing a more casual, relaxed sense of dress.

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