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10 January 2018


I've decided that 2018 will be the year of the alt girl rising! On my blog I wanted to write more posts for my alt gals (and guys!) because I realised that my alternative fashion and lifestyle wasn't very... alternative lifestyle. So, I've done some planning and I have a ton of posts for all my alternative lovers out there. Starting with potentially the most important - the best places to shop for killer alternative style.

One of the issues I've found as an alternative blogger, is that there isn't too many places for us to shop. The high street only has so much to offer us alt girls and you almost then get sucked into the routine of hunting around for the only black items of clothing in the shop. I have found some pretty incredible brands that are perfect for all my alt girls out there, so I wanted to share them as almost a must know brand list for alternative fashion.

Lazy Oaf 
I feel like there is almost this idea that when we think of alternative fashion, we often think of all black, witch hats and general goth fashion. However, the whole meaning of alternative fashion - is that it's fashion that doesn't fit society's standard, it's often different and unusual - which includes so much colour! Just look at Foxxtailz, an alt girl but also one resembles a walking rainbow! Lazy Oaf are a brand that creates really unique pieces that also feature vibrant and a ton of colour, sure to have everyone talking about insanely cool you look!

The Ragged Priest 
This is a brand for all my grunge gals out there! The Ragged Priest are a brand that remind me of the greater decade for fashion - the 90s. They're clothing screams to my inner punk rocker and make me want to learn how to skate. They're clothing is guaranteed to make you look like the coolest alt gal on the planet.

Dolls Kill 
Dolls Kill is the alt fashions version of ASOS. It's a place where all the cool clothing is from a bunch of different brands including most of the brands featured on this post like Lazy Oaf, KillStar and Current Mood. If you wanting a place to browse for the best of the best of each type of alternative fashion then look no further than Dolls Kill!

Blue Banana 
Blue Banana, the place that revealed our true alternative selves in our teens. Blue Banana feature a whole host of brands including Banned and Jawbreaker. There really is something for everything on Blue Banana from vintage to metal, fashion to hair dye.

If like me, you have a love for the dark side and everything goth then Killstar is gonna be your new favourite obsession. Killstar cater for us goths and there collection of clothing and bags blow me away. Honestly, I have to restrain myself from ordering pretty much their whole site! I love there slogan tees, bags and dresses that'll have you feeling like the true Hallowqueen.

Mysticum Luna 
One thing a lot of us alt girls have in common are our love for wearing as many statement rings as possible! I never feel more myself than when my rings are decked out in rings (which can also be used as a handy weapon!). Jewellery is everything and Mysticum Luna are a brand that can cater to all your jewellery needs! They also do a pretty cool collection of clothing and accessory pieces to help speak to your inner witch.

These are my top brands for shopping for alternative fashion! I'm always on the lookout for new alternative brands so please feel free to share your faves in the comments below and let's share and support our alt fashion brands!

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  1. Oh my gosh yesssssssss I needed this post for so long! I've only ever really bought from Killstar, but I had been eyeing up the Hello Kitty range that Lazy Oaf had (once upon a time) and it is what brought me to that amazing brand. I still haven't bought anything from there, mind, but maybe one day!

    I haven't heard of many of the other stores apart from Dolls Kill and Blue Banana, so I'll be sure to check them out! Thanks :D

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

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