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13 January 2018


We all would like to think our parents know us pretty well, but would we ever trust them to choose what we wear? Well I decided to do the ultimate trust test with my mum and let her choose out an entire outfit for me.
I have a really close relationship with my mum, we spend a lot of time together and she is involved in pretty much every aspect of my life. That being said, I also know I have a pretty different and selective sense of style. I am so picky when it comes to buying clothes and I can sometimes change my outfit three times before I decide on what to wear in the morning. My mum and I have very different styles, I would describe my mum's style as a typical mum - she wears a lot of jumpers, jeans and boots or converse. Whereas, my style couldn't be more different with my alternative / gothic style. My mum has been so involved with my blog, being my photographer and often helping me choose locations and directing me on shoots, so I thought it was about time I put her to the ultimate test - being my stylist.

So, I let my mum loose on the LOTD website, to see if she could create an outfit for me. My mum was able to pick out an entire outfit (minus shoes) for me for less than £50 and I think that alone is incredible! LOTD have such a huge range of affordable and high quality clothing and I was pretty impressed. There were only two ways this was going to go and I'm happy to say I think my mum did a pretty damn good job! My mum picked out these Black Rose Embroidered Jeans* and they have to be one of the coolest item of clothing I now own! When I first saw these I was slightly hesitant as to how they would look on, but I love them. They fit me so well and I love the embroidered roses. So, my mums favourite colour is red and I think that is pretty evident within this outfit, choosing to pair the red embroidery on the jeans with the red text slogan tee* and I think it's a killer combination! My favourite item she picked out for me has to be this Vinyl Biker Jacket* because it's just the most me item of clothing I've ever seen . I will say my mum did have quite a difficult time as there was so much choice on the LOTD website but I think she did the best job!

I think my mum did an amazing job and I am beyond thrilled with my new outfit from LOTD! If you want to take a closer look at the items of clothes my mum picked out for me, I've left a link in the style details. This completely fits in with my style and I'm pretty proud to say I think my mum has my style down to a tee!

Till next time,
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* These clothes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for being featured in this post. All opinions remain my own.*

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  1. You look amazing! Your mum did an amazing job. Especially for ordering online where you're not ever going to be totally certain of the fit etc.

  2. You're mum did an awesome job, you should try this again sometime. It looks like she knows you well and I love those jeans on you x

    Avril Marie | Lifestyle Blogger

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  4. This is such a great concept. I might try this. Your mum did a great job. 👍

  5. Interesting experiment. :D I wonder what would happen if my mom chose an outfit for me... she definitely wouldn't take any of the cool pieces I still got from my "punk time"

  6. Your mum did a great job! Those jeans are gorgeous


  7. Your mum did a fab job of choosing your look!!


  8. I looooove these jeans! Your mum did an amazing job xo

  9. your mum did a great job! love the whole outfit.



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