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17 January 2018


Photography has always been an aspect of blogging I've wanted to improve. Photography is a true skill, one that I feel can always be worked on and improved. Recently, I've been feeling more confident with my photography and have been able to experiment to get some pretty creative shots.

I have always been in awe of photographers and creators who have been able to get creative shots using different levels and types of lighting - I have recently been obsessed with photos created using disco lights. I love the multi-coloured space age effect it gives! So, I decided to experiment and see if I could create some beauty shots using my disco ball. Getting shots like this are hard! To get the best from the colours of the disco ball and create the space holographic look I wanted, I had to shoot these in low light. Low-light photography is not for the faint hearted and I had to experiment with my cameras settings... a lot! With low-light photography, the settings need to be changed to make sure you are getting the best lighting in such a dark situation and background. Some amazing advice I was given by Kaye Ford was - low aperture, high ISO, fast shutter. After playing around with this, I was able to get some really cool photos and I am in love with the effect the lights from the disco ball give!

The disco lights helped to make my holographic / space inspired make up look so much cooler and I feel like these shots should be in an indie music video. The lights highlight the glitter I used and make me feel like the coolest lil weirdo around. It was quite a challenge to create a beauty post using low-light because the lighting was so dark, I was worried that you wouldn't get high quality images of my makeup look. However, I am so impressed with how these photos came out. I wanted to create a beauty post that was a bit different and getting creative with low-light photography and feeling brave enough to try and create something edgy and cool with disco lights has really payed of!

I also tried experimenting with my star projector and this was so much harder! The star projector gave out less light than my disco ball, so getting a beauty shot was so difficult and whilst I didn't manage to get any photos of this beauty look using it, I am determined to keep practicing and improving my low-light photography. I did manage to get some pretty cool and magical photos of the projector itself and I think they look so freaking cool!

I have loved using my photography is such a different and creative way, to create unique and pretty cool photos. Photography is art and I have loved experimenting with this - improving my skill and getting to use my kit in a way that I haven't before. If you are wanting to create some powerful low- light photography, then you should check out this video * for some serious inspiration!

Till next time,
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* This post was in collaboration with Panasonic. As always, all thoughts, opinions, photography and creative direction of the post are my own!

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  1. The shots came out really really great. I also have my problems with shooting photos in a dark surround. I never quite understand which settings I have to use, so also on a cloudy day I usually hate how the photos I shoot come out... there is so much to learn! :D

  2. Robyn these are so freaking cool! You absolutely nailed these shots! X

  3. You look gorgeous in these shots!

  4. These photos are incredible robyn! Adore! Adore! Adore!

  5. Gal!!! These photos are incredible! <3 I love how creative they are and how you're pushing yourself out of your comfort zone! <3
    Kinga xx


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