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3 January 2018


True Crime has and always will be a huge area of interest for me. As part of Blogoween, I created a post with my top favourite murders. I didn't anticipate how well this was going to be received or how interested in True Crime other people were and a number of you requested for it to become a regular feature on my blog.

Well, here it is! The first Wednesday of each month I will be sharing my favourite true crime tales in different categories. Starting with potentially my favourite category - unsolved murders. My fascination with unsolved murders comes from my frustration at these cases never being solved. They committed the "perfect crime" because they were never caught and got away with murder. They could have gone on with their "normal" lives, raised a family, been successful, looked up to whilst knowing they had killed someone. So, let's take a look at my favourite unsolved crimes.  

The Black Dahlia

Arguably one of the most notorious unsolved murders of all time. The Black Dahlia was one of the murder cases that ignited my interest in true crime. Elizabeth Short (The Black Dahlia) was an aspiring actress that was brutally murdered, with her body being cut in half and she was severely mutilated when her naked body was found by a mother and toddler taking a walk. She had been surgically cut in half, which led police to believe this was committed by someone in the medical profession. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that the killer was never found. The person who did this got away with the perfect crime (or crimes, ya never know!). The conspiracy theories behind this case fascinate me and I could spend all day reading about others theories on what happened to Elizabeth Short. The best ones I've read so far include her having a backstreet abortion (proved to be not true!), this was a one night stand gone wrong, this being a doctor and the man who came forward years later to say he believed it was his father that killed Elizabeth Short. I feel like this is what makes The Black Dahlia such an interesting murder, the fact that decades after the murder took place we are no closer to solving how and who murdered The Black Dahlia and we probably won't ever know the truth as to what really happened to her. 

Jack the Ripper

So Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in Whitechapel in 1888. He brutally murdered and mutilated five women - all prostitutes and to this day we are no closer to working out who actually was Jack the Ripper. Similar to the Black Dahlia there was lots of speculation of who could have mutilated these bodies - with a lot of people at the time believing this to have been done in the medical profession. I feel like this is a serial killer we've all heard about and the fact that even after all these years we have no idea who this person was and why he decided to mutilate the prostitutes of London leaves me with so many unanswered questions! When it comes to serial killers, I'm always fascinated with learning about their lives before they were killers - what their childhood was like, did they have mummy issues (most of them do, let's be honest!), did they have a history of crime? Trying to get inside the mind of the serial killer to work out why they kill and what drives them to it. But the thing with cases like this are that - we don't know and that's the worst part! We will never find out who committed these crimes and I am just left with so many unanswered questions. 

JonBenet Ramsay 

Who isn't fascinated by the murder of pageant queen JonBenet?! Okay so for those of you who haven't heard of this story, let me break it down for you. JonBenet was a six year old pageant queen in the 90s, who was found murdered in her own home on Christmas Eve. Now here's where it gets fucked, so there is a ton of weird shit surrounding this case like the ransom note, the fact she was murdered in her own house and no-one knew?! and a bunch of other crazy shit. So, who do I think murdered JonBenet? Well, I have two main theories. 1- Her mum murdered her because of her own jealousy. The typical stagemom who got jealous of all the attention her daughter was getting and just snapped one day. There have been multiple specialists who have analysed the handwriting of the ransom note and concluded that it is identical to Patsy Ramsey. 2- it was her brother who murdered her accidentally through jealousy or anger. Can you imagine having a younger sister who was a pageant queen and got all of the attention?! I'd be pissed too! So he got mad, killed her and then their parents instead of loosing two children decided to cover it up to protect him. The fact this is still unsolved, kills me!

Unsolved murders will always be of a huge interest to me because I have so many unanswered questions and my curiosity will always get the better of me!

Next time: KILLER KIDS

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  1. Blooming loved reading this! Going to enjoy this blog series, cannot wait for the next post! x

  2. I think they discovered who Jack the Ripper was a couple of years ago :) It was a Polish guy! Also JonBenet is one of my faves, definitely think it was her brother x

    M x

  3. What an amazing post! I absolutely love learning about crime, killers and all things of that nature, and could study my criminology degree a thousand times over I find it so fascinating! A great post and I look forward to reading more in the series! xx

  4. I'm so 50/50 on it being JonBenet's mum or brother! A small part of me thought it was her dad though! Cannot wait for the next one, I'm so interested in criminal children. I've got a really good book to recommend to you as well!


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