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24 January 2018


Have you ever stopped and thought about the amount of times the word "natural" makeup is thrown about? Everywhere you look we are being bombarded by this phrase - magazines, blogs, tutorials, maybe even friends and family! We are constantly being told to use makeup to "enhance" our natural beauty, products that can be used to give the idea of "no makeup" makeup. Well, my response to the whole concept of "natural" makeup is simple - screw that!

Makeup, by definition, is not natural. Makeup is used to change the way you look, to change how certain features may look to create a completely different face - just look at Drag Queens and how they use makeup to transform themselves into a completely different person! I read in Basic Witches (which is my new life guide) this idea about unnatural makeup and this idea that makeup is similar to shape shifting. You have the power to change how you look, which in itself is witchcraft and you have the power to do that. I loved how they spoke about makeup and it's really got me thinking about the way in which I choose to do my makeup and how I alter my appearance. 

Makeup is art. It's a form of expression. I love thinking about doing my makeup almost as if I'm creating a painting and my face is the canvas. Looking at it in this way, would you rather create a painting that is muted, soft and naturally beautiful or would you want to create a painting that's bold and different - unique and gets people talking? If you are like me and fit into the second category, then it's time we embraced this idea of being unnaturally pretty. 

My makeup routine consists of thick black brows, red and orange eye shadow, black winged liner that is probably longer than it should be and bold lipstick. Does this make me any less pretty than the girls who have a more "natural" approach to wearing makeup? Of course not! In fact, I never feel more beautiful and confident than when I have my makeup on! I choose to make a statement with my makeup because it's part of my style and represents who I am. I am fully embracing this idea of being unnaturally pretty! Makeup can be used as a tool to shape shift and transform how a person can look, makeup is supposed to be fun. It should be used as a creative tool - to experiment, to highlight what YOU find beautiful regardless of what anyone or society tells you about how you should look. 

Makeup is unnatural and are the tools we should be using to make us feel beautiful. We get to decide how our makeup looks, how we want to look when wearing it, who we want to transform into and that is the most powerful magic I can think of! 

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  1. That sounds like a book I need!
    I love how much you embrace every aspect of your being, gorgeous unnatural beauty!

  2. I bloody love this post, Robyn! I have the upmost respect for you for being so true to yourself and not feeling pressured into doing what other people / wider society tells you to! You look gorgeous and I wish I could pull off the amazing looks (in terms of both beauty and fashion) that you do on the daily!

    Abbey 🖤 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  3. I love love love this post! When I was in school, I used to be so smug and weirdly proud that I didn't wear much makeup, and so scornful of the girls who did. I'm so glad I think like that anymore. As someone who has never felt particularly trendy and still doesn't, make up is my way of expressing how I want to look.
    Juliet | notcapulet.co.uk

  4. This post is everything! I'm a bold eyes and lips girl and am defiantly ready to start embracing unnatural beauty! You always look stunning Robyn and I have so much respect for you embracing who you are!


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