Have you ever just been so over an item of clothing for so many reasons that you sit and think - why were these even invented? Well that is exactly how I have been feeling about skinny jeans recently.

I feel like since I was around 13 - skinny jeans were the only type of jeans that were accepted by society. I remember people wore skinny jeans to school, they were all over social media and it was such a huge trend that has lasted for so long. However, I have a confession that I'm sure a lot of ya'll will agree with - skinny jeans are fucking hell! Why did we ever decide that it was a good idea to force ourselves into the tightest, most uncomfortable item of clothing - possibly ever. So one of the many reasons I have a problem with skinny jeans is that I am a girl who has big thighs - skinny jeans were not made for this! I had a lot of self confidence issues growing up and felt fat a lot of the time because I hated the way my legs looked when I wore skinny jeans. All it did was highlight the area I felt the least confident with (and this back before the Kardashians made it okay to have big thighs!). I felt so fat and like my whole body was just an awkward, horrible blob of a shape. The only other option was bootcut or flares and can you imagine me wearing flares?!

The thing about skinny jeans is that they are usually made with denim. Denim is a pretty rigid and restrictive fabric - so why use it to make what is then the tightest, most uncomfortable item of clothing?! I got a work out every morning just trying to get the damn thing on and then felt so uncomfortable and restricted all day and for what? To fit in? To follow a trend? Yeah, that's not me. Not anymore. So, I am saying goodbye to skinny jeans for good because I hate them. I will never feel the pressure to squeeze myself into something that makes me feel unconfident and uncomfortable. I'd rather feel happy, confident and most importantly like i can move without the fear of ripping my jeans! Mom jeans have become my life and this is a trend I can give my full support to. They are beyond comfortable, look insanely cool and make me feel confident and comfortable with my own body. I was slightly reluctant at the beginning because of the name - I did not want to look like my mother! However, they are just the coolest - I can style them in so many more ways and I have become a true mom jeans supporter!

Mom Jeans - Monki // T-shirt - Amazon // Fishnet Tee - Zara // Boots - Dr Martens 

I love this outfit and my mom jeans complete the whole look! Whilst fashion is and always will be a huge part of my life, it is important to remember that looking good starts from feeling good. I am ditching skinny jeans for good and I couldn't be more happier!

Till next time,
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What's your opinion?

  1. I absolutely love the way mom jeans look but I feel like I've worn skinny jeans everyday for the last 12 years that anything else looks weird. Gah. Need to break out of this jean rut.

  2. Skinny jeans and I never got along, I adopted leggings a long time ago and never once looked back!

  3. I love your look <3 Mom jeans is so comfy !

    La Robe Noire
    IG : @Saskiabzn
    Saskia! xo

  4. Love the mom jeans! I wore skinny jeans a lot until i found boyfriend jeans. They are super relaxed. When i do wear mom jeans their the curvy ones to fit my thighs.

  5. I definitely have the big thighs and wide hip issue with my skinny jeans, I do own other jeans that I wear lot more though, skinny jeans are usually for when I'm going into town and wearing a long coat so you can only see my calves lol xx

    Golly Miss Holly


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