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24 February 2018


I have an alternative style. I don't typically follow trends and I would say my style of dress is very different to what is available on the high street. Whilst I've learnt to deal with this and have now found a bunch of shops and the best ways to look for pieces that are within my gothic style. Growing up, finding clothes I wanted to wear and discovering my personal style was quite a struggle.

Growing up knowing you are different is always going to be a challenge. To go against what is seen as the "normal". To speak out and say ya know what, I don't like that kind of music / fashion / makeup that everyone else seems to love, can be quite scary and daunting. I remember at times, I thought about how much easier my life would be if I just pretended to like that band or if I just went and brought that item of clothing or if I wore my makeup in the same way as everyone else but then I wouldn't be me! I feel like one of the things I struggled with the most, was the complete lack of alternative clothing stores available. I would go into town and would see high street fashion and pretty much everyone wearing high street fashion that it would make me question my own fashion choices because the way I dress was and still is not fully represented or accepted! There was only one shop that stocked clothes I wanted to wear and had people rocking the kind of style I was drawn to and that was Blue Banana.

The day Blue Banana opened in my town was probably the best day of my life and through my teens (and even now!) they were a huge influence on my style and helping me to embrace and truly realise the kind of person I wanted to be! For the first time, I was able to go into a shop without having to truly search out pieces I might wear! The most important thing for me growing up was being able to go into a shop like Blue Banana and see people dressed the same way as me! To look and realise it was okay to be different and to not dress the same as everyone else - to be a lil alternative and embrace what made me different! Blue Banana has really helped to shape my style and I feel like they are a shop every alternative guy or gal has shopped at, at least once! Their clothing and message of individuality and embracing what makes you unique really helped me to have the confidence to dress the way I wanted and fully embrace my true goth potential!

Weirdo Jacket* - Blue Banana // Rose Top* - Blue Banana // Trousers - H&M // Coffin Bag - Kill Star // Choker* - Blue Banana 

This jacket pretty much sums up this whole post! People who choose to stand out from the crowd and dress in a way that is so unique and individual to them are often labelled as "weird" but you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way! We are the weirdos, mister... and we're pretty fucking cool!

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* These clothes were sent to me free of charge in exchange for being featured in this post. All words and opinions / comments remain my own.*

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  1. I remember the day Blue Banana shut down in my town, I was so sad! I was about 17 years old and got all my teenage clothes and my first piercings there haha!

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com


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