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28 February 2018


Hi, hello! Another month is done! This month went pretty fast, but I feel like after January ( a.k.a. the longest month ever) this month always seems to be over within a minute! I'm here with another round up post of my month and what I've been doing and loving this month!

To sum it up...

Well, February has been quite the rollercoaster of emotions for me. I have had quite a few ups and downs this month in terms of my anxiety and have really had to spend this month reevaluating how I cope with that and start to take a more serious look at getting help to deal with this. I've had to do a lot of reflection and thinking about where I want to move forward with this in the future and start to really put looking after myself first. The one thing that makes me feel like myself is my job, which I am so thankful for! I love teaching and I love being in my class surrounded by the most wonderful and supportive kids I've ever met! They're acceptance of this "goth teacher" has really been such a blessing that I've come to truly appreciate this month!

Song of the month...

This month I have been constantly listening to Glue by Fickle Friends!


What I've been watching...

I watched some pretty cool True Crime documentaries including Children Who Kill on ITV and Fred and Rose on Channel 5.

I also watched Shrek a bunch of times... but there's nothing new there!

What I've been reading... 

Here are my top 3 blog posts you need to read this month!




Moments to be proud of...

Can I just be proud I made it the end of the damn month?! In all seriousness I am proud that despite my ups and downs I am feeling a lot more like myself and am coping a hell of a lot better than I have previously. I'm proud I'm asking for help and admitting that sometimes you don't feel okay and that's 100% normal and okay to feel like that! I'm proud of the content I've been producing and of the brand collaborations I've managed to get myself this month - I'm working so hard on my blog because it makes me so happy! I'm proud that I got another tattoo - which is definitely the highlight of my month! It means everything to me!

The end of February also means the end of Winter! I am really hoping March brings some better weather because I'm over freezing my butt off and feeling like my fingers are gonna fall of when shooting outfit posts! I hope that March will be a much more positive and happier month and I am feeling pretty good about this one!

Till next time,
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  1. Of course yoyu can be proud that you made it to the end of the month! Your teaching job sounds wonderful. I do hope March will bring you some better times, though~
    Angela / WickedlyPleasant.com

  2. I love these review posts of yours! The format is so wonderful! I agree with you February always seems to finish so fast!! I'm glad you're feeling more like yourself! You are amazing and you should feel amazing being you always! <3
    Kinga xx


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