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3 February 2018


The one thing I've never been good at is dressing appropriately for the weather. I am definitely not a person that thinks about how cold it's going to be outside when I'm planning my outfit for the day. I learnt the hard way that this can be a huge mistake!

I am not a fan of the colder weather. I always find styling and creating an outfit much more of a challenge when it's cold out because I just lack effort to care when I'm going to have to hide whatever I wear by a huge coat and scarf anyways - what's the point! I really feel the cold so I know I should be more practical when it comes to how I dress, but I hate hiding my clothes with a huge coat. So, instead of dressing for the weather I choose my outfits on how they look instead of how practical it is (and will often go without a coat, sorry mum!) - so really it's my own fault!

This outfit and shoot was completely unplanned and I have learnt that they always tend to produce some of my favourite photos. I was in Leeds (freezing my tits off) in a thin striped dress and leather jacket to the point where my teeth were chattering and my fingertips were pretty red. So, I caved and brought a jumper and huge scarf to try and add a little extra warmth to my completely inappropriate for the weather outfit and I learnt that sometimes adding an extra layer (or two!) can really benefit an outfit! My unplanned outfit has turned out to be one of my favourites I've created and since then I have been loving the dress / jumper combo, especially as the weather has been pretty arctic recently! I've been attempting to add a lil more colour into my wardrobe; like forest green and the burnt orange and reds of this scarf, they add a small hint of colour into my on the whole pretty dark outfit and I have to admit, I did feel pretty snug in all my knit!

Dress - Urban Outfitters // Jumper - New Look // Scarf - New Look // Boots - Dr Martens (no surprise)
I'm pretty damn pleased with how my completely unplanned outfit turned out. I will be living in cool knitwear and layers and counting down the days till I can go outside without a coat and not worry about freezing to death as a result of my bad decisions...

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  1. haha saw a pinterest quote the other day that said 'there are many things i will do, but admitting to my mum who told me to take a coat that i'm cold is not one of them'. very relevant haha! the amount of times ive frozen my ass off for a pretty outfit is ridiculous lol

    katie. xx lacoconoire.com


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