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7 February 2018


It's the first week of the month and that means only one thing - the next post in my True Crime blog series! This post I am going to be taking a look at potentially one of the most fascinating areas of murder because what is more horrific than killer kids?!
As a primary school teacher, the idea that a child is capable of murder (and sometimes multiple murders) just completely shocks and fascinates me. We always see children as being really innocent and naive, yet there are kids out there who instead of playing with toys are playing with knives and instead of playing with their friends are playing with their decapitated heads....

Jon Veneables and Robert Thompson

I dont think there are many people living in Britain who haven't heard about the horrific murder of James Bulger by Veneables and Thompson. James Bulger was two years old when he was kidnapped from a shopping centre led to a railway line and was beaten and sexually abused before being killed by Veneables and Thomspon. This in itself is a horrific crime but the fact that these boys were only ten years old makes this whole case so much more disturbing. These were children killing another child. This made Venables and Thompson the youngest murderers in Britain in over 250 years. I think what makes this case, and any case of child killers, is that because of the age of these children when they were convicted of the murder, they were released in 2011 and given new identities. I think that for me is the worst and most shocking part about killer kids. The fact that because of how young they are when they commit the crime they are released usually in their early twenties, then being free to live their life (and usually go on to commit more crimes). It just, it seems like that in itself is a lack of justice. Regardless of their age, these boys took the decision to end an innocent toddlers life and for what?! The fact they even knew how to do this or was capable of going through with this makes this one of the most disturbing murders in British history in my opinion.

Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer is seen by many as being the first high profile school shooter after she opened fire at an Elementary School in 1979. Brenda lived in poverty with her father, sleeping on a mattress in terrible conditions with her alcoholic father. After asking for a radio for Christmas her father decided it was a good idea to give her a gun instead ( ya know cuz that's gonna end well...) Brenda Spencer had a number of different mental health issues and her school actually recommended she be sent to a psychiatric unit but her father refused. As you can tell he was father of the year. So, Brenda went into her local Elementary School and opened fire killing two people including the principal and injuring around eight students. When asked why she did it afterwards, she responded with "I don't like Monday's" which is just pretty incredible, in the worst way. I feel this will forever be a notorious case for being seen as the first school shooting and Brenda Spencer has since spoke about her regret and feeling responsible for the shootings that have occurred since.

Mary Flora Bell

Mary Bell was an eleven year old who killed two young boys aged three and four in Newcastle in the 60s. Mary had a very difficult childhood after being born to a seventeen year old prostitute. She grew up in poverty and claimed to be frequently abused - both physically and sexually. The most disturbing thing about the murders that Mary committed before being caught by the police, was how she mutilated the bodies afterwards. In the case of the second boy she murdered, she carved her initial M on his stomach to identify she had been the killer and had taken some of his hair and mutilated his body. She never showed any remorse during her trial and instead presented herself as a girl who enjoyed and was excited by what she did to the two young boys she killed. She was released after serving 12 years of her sentence and was given a new name and identity. To think that a child could not only be capable of murder but to mutilate the body afterwards makes this whole case the more disturbing.

When I research Killer Kids I'm always fascinated that this act was committed by children and I always think about how this could have happened. The one trend I've noticed, not only in child murderers but serial killers as well, is that it stems from a negative childhood and children not receiving love and attention from their parents which have led to this, which to me sends the biggest message...

Next time : THE 70s

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  1. LOVE reading these kinda things! Find it so fascinating! Now gonna go back and read your previous crime posts hehehe.

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