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3 March 2018


I am just as surprised at the amount of colour in this photo as you are. One of my fashion goals for this year was to stop limiting my wardrobe to just black and attempt to add a little more colour into my style and well, I don't think you could get more colourful than this jumper!

Black will always be my go to colour but I often worry I've become stuck in this comfort bubble of only wearing black and my outfits are becoming a bit too repetitive for my liking! I like being different and always coming up with new outfits and new ways to style items of my wardrobe, but when your wardrobe is 90% black it can be kinda challenging to try and find a new way to style the same pieces, all in similar shades of black.

I also feel that there is this expectation of me to wear head to toe black because I'm a goth and my style is largely quite dark but that doesn't mean that I can't wear colour! My friends and family will often comment if my outfit has any colour in, almost as if I shouldn't be wearing it. I don't want to feel forced to wearing only back and I will not feel like black is the only colour I can wear because I'm a goth. It's just a colour! I can be both a goth and colourful and I am loving this jumper!

This jumper is an explosion of colour and I kinda love it. What attracted me to this jumper in the first place was that it was so unlike anything in my wardrobe! It's the complete opposite to what I would usually wear, it took my aversion to colour to the extreme. I loved the challenge of styling this jumper and of creating an outfit that I wouldn't usually wear. I want to continue to develop and adapt my style, through trying different styles of clothing. I want to push outside of what is expected of me and of gothic fashion, I never want my outfits to be predictable and challenging myself to style this jumper was the perfect creative push I needed. I would never have known how much I actually kinda like wearing colour if I had stuck to what is seen as "typical goth fashion" and never tried something new.

Jumper - Urban Outfitters // Skirt - H&M // Bag - Killstar // Shoes - Koi Footwear 

This does not mean I will be throwing out all my black clothes and replacing them with a wardrobe that looks like a rainbow explosion! I will always be a goth and black will always be the colour I am the most comfortable in. Even in this outfit, black is the main colour but I am starting to experiment with colour and I'm excited. This goth is embracing being a lil more colourful.

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  1. I love this jumper! I tend to stick to plain colours like black or grey but this makes me want to turn my wardrobe into a rainbow haha


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  3. Love this look! I usually wear a lot of black, but I also have been trying to wear more color lately.

    Ami Amour


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