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24 March 2018


I am a huge advocate of being unique. I strive to be an individual in every aspect of my life - from my style to my headstrong attitude, so when The Perfume Company contacted me with the potential to create a fragrance unique to me*, I jumped to at the chance!

Okay, so I'm going to be honest. I'm not generally a fan of perfume. I've tried, I really have. It's just I've never been a fan of the different blends most fragrances tend to use. I find some of them too overpowering and I am definitely a fan of more sweeter, floral smells. That's what I love about The Perfume Studio. I first discovered them at an event I went too back before Christmas and I instantly loved the whole concept! I loved how they were giving people the opportunity to choose their own blends and then create their own signature and unique blend - creating a fragrance that is so personal to each person. I love the idea that their could be a ton of people walking around wearing a fragrance that they created themselves!

Being in control of the whole process was a huge bonus for me and I had a ton of fun feeling like a bit of a scientist! When ordering the Bespoke Fragrance kit, you get to choose six different blends that appeal to you and there is so much help on the site to help you choose your six blends. I ended up going for a ton of floral blends because I know these are my favourite scents. The kit itself is beautiful designed and super easy to use, it comes with a really helpful guide. I love how you are pretty much left to then create your own blend and it's up to you how many of the blends you use and how much of each blend. I loved being in control of how my fragrance was going to turn out. The last step is to mix them altogether in the perfume bottle, which again is so beautifully designed. Then, all that's left to do is name your fragrance and register it on the site!

If, like me you are constantly striving to be an individual and find new ways to express yourself and your different likes then this kit is perfect for you! I've had a ton of comments on my perfume and people love the smell of it! I never thought I would have my own fragrance, which I called HallowQueen which is pretty fitting of my personality haha! I've also given a few of these as gifts and they have been received so well, people love how unique and different of a gift they are.

I am in love with my Hallowqueen fragrance and the fruity and floral blends. I finally have the perfume I've always wanted and it's completely personal and unique to me. If you fancy creating your own fragrance or know someone who does, why not check out The Perfume Studio's Bespoke Kit here

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 * This product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for being featured in this post. All words and opinions / comments remain my own.*

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  1. ahhh i absolutely LOVE perfume, always have! always makes me feel a million times better knowing i smell damn FABULOUS. would love to have a go at creating my own!

    katie xx lacoconoire.com


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