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25 April 2018


I’m currently writing this whilst getting my third tattoo. I’m sat in the chair after paying someone to poke at me with a needle for hours. So, what better way to pass the time than to write a blog post about tattoos and talk about my latest addition. 

This has probably been my most stressful tattoo out of the three I will have. After planning out the tattoo with my artist and getting booked in I got to the studio, looked at the design and realised - I didn’t love it. It was a beautiful design but it just wasn’t the tattoo for me. I had two options I could keep my mouth shut and go through with it for fear of upsetting my artist and sounding like the worlds biggest arsehole or I could bite the bullet and be honest. I decided on the second option. Thankfully, Karsten, my tattoo artist, was so understanding and just fantastic about the whole thing and after talking through a redesign did it straight away! And again just before we started... I made a slight change to the design again. I knew I had to love the tattoo I was getting because it was going to be on my body for the rest of my life. I was going to have to be the person living with it. For me getting tattoos has kind of become a way for me to not only have permanent pieces of artwork on my skin but a huge FU to my anxiety, self doubt and commitment issues. So much of my life is controlled by my own thoughts and self doubt but I refuse to let it control me.

Each of my three tattoos has a personal meaning behind it for me. I am definitely not opposed to getting a tattoo just because you want to, it just happens that the three I have represent something about myself and my life. This tattoo ended up having two meanings. The first was that the reason I wanted to get a bunch of wild flowers was as a reminder to myself to let go and be a bit wild! I'm in my twenties - now is my time to be a bit silly, make stupid mistakes and do what I want to do. Wildflowers aren't always tame and they don't go with the crowd and that's exactly what I want to continue to do, to be who I am - to stand out and be different, to just be me! The second meaning was completely accidental but it just made me love it even more. Without even realising, Karsten designed my flower bunch to include two roses and three daisies - which kind of reminds me of my family. The two roses representing my mum and dad and the three daises representing my two sisters and me. I always wanted to get a bunch of flowers to represent my family so this couldn't be more perfect! In a way it fits perfectly well with the first meaning because my family are a little wild and crazy but I wouldn't have them any other way - it's through being a bit different and wild that we have grown as a family. We are all very strong and different individuals but somehow we all fit together in our perfectly unperfect family. 

I am beyond obsessed with my new piece of art and couldn't be happier or more grateful to Karsten! He really went above and beyond to create this tattoo for me, including staying super late and tattooing for 4 hours to get it all done in one sitting. After such an incredible job on my rose, I knew he was the artist I wanted to do my next piece and I have a feeling I will go back and keep going back for more! If you love my tattoos as much as I do, go and take a look at Karsten's page here because his designs are honestly so incredible. I love his style of tattooing and have a feeling that I will have plenty more tattoos done my Karsten - I may or may not have already discussed a Halloween tattoo...

I am so in love with my wildflower piece and well, here's to being a bit of a wildflower!

Till next time,
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  1. How it frames your knee is really flattering, though that might sound odd ^^

  2. It's such a stunning tattoo and I'm so glad that you got a design that you love so much


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