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14 April 2018


Okay, let’s be the real here – the weather is the worst. I don’t want to sound like a traditional Brit complaining about the weather, but I am here to throw some shade (get the joke) at the state of the “spring” weather, but also give you some advice on how to still rock your look, even when the weather is not on your side!

I had a completely different look planned for this outfit – one that didn’t involve a long sleeve t-shirt and beret. When I was browsing the ShopTobi* site, I saw this dress and thought it would be the cutest summer dress that I could wear as the weather got warmer… that’s a joke in itself! The weather has to be the biggest hindrance to my life and destroyer of my fashion dreams. I always find I plan these really cool outfits in my head and then end up having to wear a huge bulky coat over the top or wear long sleeve tees underneath it all or wear the thickest tights to prevent frostbite! It just ruins the look and I’m over the weather. We are now well into Spring, where is my sun and warm rays?!

I just want to be able to go outside without my coat, or to not feel like every inch of my skin needs to covered and protected from how cold it is. Until then, however, I am making little fashion compromises that I can live with. Wearing fishnet tights, to almost feel like I’m covering my legs, when I most definitely am not but I mean we all know fishnet tights are what all the cool kids wear so….

Despite initially wanting to wear this as a summer dress, which I really hope I get the chance to do! I am loving it as a pinafore dress! I love wearing t shirts under dresses to give them a more casual vibe and after pairing them with my converse, I have to say I feel this is a pretty cool casual outfit (which we all know I don’t do very often) that also still fits within my goth/ grunge style. To finish it off, pairing this outfit with a beret or some kind of hat lets the world know that you know it’s cold, but fashion is equally as important and on a more practical note – hats do keep your head pretty toasty!  

Dress - ShopTobi* // Striped Tee  Zara // Fishnet tights - Primark // Shoes - Converse // Beret - Amazon
Despite the weather, I am determined to not let it get in the way of my style and dressing for my best self. Fashion is the way I express myself and how I feel good about who I am and the weather is not gonna stop this goth girl from doing her thing!

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 * This product was sent to me free of charge in exchange for being featured in this post. All words and opinions / comments remain my own.*

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  1. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The matching shirt and beret pull it together so nicely.

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The matching shirt and beret pull it together so nicely.


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