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21 April 2018


For me fashion is all about self expression and getting the opportunity to express the person you are through your style. A huge part of this is about letting the world know all about your interests and wearing band merch has become such a cool way to do this.

I've always believed that through the clothes you wear and your personal style you are getting the chance to let the world know all about who you are. It's pretty obvious to everyone who sees me that my favourite colour is black and that I very much identify with the "nu goth". Your style should reflect your interests = your favourite colour, fabric, your favourite film or the kind of music you listen to. I have been seeing more people rocking merch and I love seeing people wearing merch! It shows their interests and supports their favourite band or artist! I know that with this popularity to wear band merch, often comes people claiming that people aren't "true fans" but I really just don't have time for people like that. Let people listen to who they want! Let them reflect this love for music through wearing band tees. Young people might actually enjoy listening to 90s grunge, they might have been introduced to it from a young age depending on who they were brought up with! I know my younger sister listens to a lot of Nirvana and her music choice has been heavily influenced by the kind of music she was brought up listening to. We were a family that was brought up listening to a lot of rock and grunge music. Bottom line is - you're allowed to listen to who you want and wear whatever band tee you want to and anyone who even tries to tell you different is dumb.

I'm a huge believer of supporting your fellow female artists and I feel incredibly lucky to call Christina my friend. So, for those of you who haven't heard of Christina (which you should definitely change!) she is an insanely talented Singer / Songwriter from my hometown of Nottingham. I first discovered Christina on Twitter a while back and as soon as I heard her voice, I got chills because her voice is just so beautifully unique and I fell in love with her whole sound, aesthetic and her brows! I have been following Christina as she continues to smash her Youtube content and I'm not gonna lie I fangirled when she followed me on Twitter! Seeing Christina play live in Nottingham was pretty incredible and I could just listen to her for hours! So, obviously I had to start reppin my fave singer and get this incredible tee from her site. Getting to not only express what kind of music I'm into but also getting to support my friend and fave singer is just pretty damn cool! 

T-shirt - Christina Rotondo  //  Trousers - H&M // Shoes - Converse // Sunglasses - LOTD

Rocking merch is a cool way to not only show your interests to the world but to also introduce newer and upcoming artists! Supporting smaller artists and musicians is insanely important. I know Christina is going to continue smashing it and I can't wait to see where her music takes her and support both her and her music in the future! If you haven't please check out her Youtube channel, she's insanely talented and deserves all the support in the world - CHRISTINA ROTONDO

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