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9 May 2018


Being completely honest, I feel a lot of us can agree that we never truly focus on ourselves. We are constantly putting other things before ourselves - whether that be work or other people in our lives, I, myself am guilty of this and it's something I've decided I need to change.

I've spoken about self care and the importance of this before on my blog and whilst I feel this is insanely important it's not the kind of focusing on yourself I'm talking about, although it does definitely link with that in a lot of ways. I'm talking about feeling not good enough and focusing on that little nagging voice in your head that is constantly comparing yourself to others and what they have that you don't. We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others, I do it far more than I even want to think about! However, I am beginning to understand just how damaging this is.

I have always been the kind of person to compare myself to others. What a lot of people might not know is that I have always suffered with really low self esteem and not feeling good enough in how I look and what I do. Throughout my school years I feel like a spent a worryingly amount of time comparing myself to others and then scrutinising and criticising myself as a result of this. A factor that I feel has definitely increased this culture of comparison and self scrutiny is social media. Being a blogger, we rely on social media and I feel a lot of us (myself included) could admit to spending the majority of our lives through our screens and social media channels. A problem with this is the pressure to represent your life as "perfect" not only is this completely ridiculous and draining for the person, it can be pretty damaging for the people viewing this so called "perfection". I am guilty to looking at other celebrities, bloggers and even friends lives and comparing it to my own and it always looks less in comparison. I always feel like my photos, my content, my life is not as good as others and it can really get me down. What we see on social media is definitely not a true reflection of all aspects of a person's life but if this side is all we see, it can make us feel pretty shitty about our own lives.

I've definitely become more aware of how this is having a direct impact on my life and how I see myself. I am constantly comparing how I look, the blog opportunities I have, my content and the life I live. Too often I am getting bummed out or I'll even admit - jealous, over other people and it needs to stop. I need to stop comparing my life to others and focusing upon myself. It's exhausting constantly comparing yourself and never feeling good enough in comparison because comparison is a dark vicious cycle. In order to be truly happy and move forward with a positive life, I need to stop focusing on what everyone is doing and focus upon my own life, my own opportunities and my own happiness.

Tee - H&M // Trousers - Monki // Shoes - Converse // Sunglasses - Specsaves >.< 

It's time we stopped getting so caught up on what others are doing and start focusing on ourselves more. You could spend your whole life so caught up in what others are doing, comparing it to your own life and being so self critical as a result of this but... what is it going to achieve? Maybe in order to be truly happy it's time we look inside and focus on ourselves.

Till next time,
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  1. true dat true dat <3 loved the honesty in this post Robyn! you look awesome yellow really suits you <3 Jessica // heartshapedbones.com

  2. Great post and super honest really genuine. Loving the look as well.

    GR | https://www.thegreat.uk

  3. I'm awful for comparing myself to other people!! I really need to stop doing it because sometimes it leads me on such a downward spiral and I end up feeling worse. I love this post and your outfit, the trousers are gorgeous!! :) xx

    Holly | www.gollymissholly.uk


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