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5 May 2018


So, if you've ever read my blog before you will know that this is a place where I openly and actively encourage others to embrace what makes them different and be true to who they are. Whilst I find it so easy to encourage others to do this on my blog, I sometimes struggle with being different and often feel like my life would be so much easier if I was a little more... well, normal.

Growing up knowing you're different to everyone else and feeling like you don't really fit is really fucking tough. I remember growing up feeling so out of place and it was a really isolating feeling. I felt alone, I didn't feel like I fit in with anyone and it made me feel abnormally wrong. I didn't dress the same as others, I didn't listen to the same music or want to do the same things as them so I just always felt a little out the loop. Even now, I go out and I don't know any of the music or dress in the same way as most of my friends and I just feel like it's so obvious just how different I am and that I will never fit in.

I'm definitely not saying this is a bad thing, I love the fact that I am unique and I have an individual style that is unlike anyone else. But, I'm sure all my alt girls can tell you, it sometimes is really tough and you just wonder whether life would be easier if you were a bit more like everyone else. The thing with being different is you often stick out like a sore thumb and draw a bit of attention. It can sometimes make me feel really self conscious, especially when people think it's okay to whisper, laugh and make comments about you - it makes you feel like a freak on display, like you're a walking joke. The whole point of dressing a bit different is that you want to be an individual and be true to who you are as an individual. The problem is we live in a judgemental society that almost makes being different seem... not okay.

It's taken me a long time to come to peace with the fact that I will never be like anyone else and that is okay because this is who I am. The quote "I, myself, am strange & unusual" is a quote that really resonated with me for a lot of reasons - it made me feel okay and proud to be a bit different. I have it tattooed on me as a constant reminder that I am unusual but thats what makes me who I am. I use fashion as a way to embrace my personality and who I am. I'm a lil goth who likes dressing like a Tim Burton character, blogging has really helped me to accept and embrace what makes me different because that's what makes me, me! Knowing you're different can be quite a daunting and lonely feeling but staying true to who you are and having the courage to dress in a way that isn't the usual is so incredibly brave and such a freeing feeling! I love rocking my strangeness and encouraging others to do the same because why should it be any other way?!

Trousers - Monki // Tee - Missguided / Jacket - LOTD // Shoes - Koi Footwear // Pendant - CarterGore

This is without a doubt my favourite go to outfit - I feel like it really showcases who I am and my personal style. I feel hella cool and love how this photoset turned out! I was once told by a friend that they had never met somebody so sure of who they were and that's what I need to remember. This is who I am and to hell am I changing that for anyone!

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