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16 June 2018


There is something so therapeutic about going out for a walk and being surrounded by nature. I am incredibly lucky to live close to my town centre but I also live near some pretty stunning parks and woodland area, which I love walking around and getting lost amongst all the green.

Whilst I complain often about not wanting to walk my dog (mainly because I'm just really lazy) I do actually really enjoy getting to walk around some pretty cool woodland areas. Recently, I have been finding life a little difficult and nothing helps me more than going for a walk. It's like a mini therapy session for me. The problem I have (and I'm pretty sure there are thousands of others feeling the same way!) is that my brain is working overload and overanalysing every little problem in my life. I feel like I'm constantly on full speed ahead and it can get so overwhelming. That's why I really love getting to go for a walk, switch off from the world for a while and just not think! Sometimes I feel like part of the problem is that we think to much - about our work, other people, our problems and it can just get too much. Having that time to not think about anything is so important because it gives us a chance to reset and relax.

Recently, I've been researching and learning more about my spiritual side and honestly it has really lifted my mood. I've always been interested in horoscopes, fortune, crystal healing and other forms of natural healing so getting to learn more about it and how I can apply to my own life is a new challenge I'm excited to begin. Whilst I quite appreciate that this isn't everyones thing and some people don't believe in this (my family included) I do and if I'm honest, I'm willing to try everything in an attempt to make me happier and mentally stronger. For me, there is something so comforting about feeling like the universe has got your back and about feeling closer to nature. I guess it's one of the reasons why I love taking walks in the woods - to feel closer to nature and in a way, I guess this acts as a form of spiritual healing. I will hopefully be documenting more of this spiritual journey as I embark on it and will let you know how I'm finding it, if it's improving my mental state and hopefully you can learn alongside me.

Just a quick word on my outfit. I know fashion blogging has very much taken a turn to be more of a lifestyle post instead of just detailing the outfit and if I'm honest, I'm all for that! I love fashion and shooting outfits but I always struggled writing lengthy and meaningful posts about the kind of outfits I wear - let's face it all my outfits can be summed up in one word anyway "goth". But, I do want to still talk a little bit about my outfit in each post. So, this pinafore I have only ever worn in the Autumn / Winter with tights because if I'm honest, I only ever really saw this as a A/W piece but I have been learning to take my staple A/W items and transition them so I can wear them all year round. By ditching the tights and adding a short sleeve t-shirt, I have created one of my favourite summer outfits! I was hesitant about not wearing tights at first because I am a loyal tights gal but I am really digging how this looks and it has allowed me to create the perfect "goth" summer outfit.

Pinafore - Primark // Tee- Monki // Shoes - Converse // Bag - Dr Martens // Pendant - CarterGore // Glasses - Boots 

Getting lost in nature has been such an eye opener for me in terms of me learning and realising what I need in order to gain some peace and calm in my own head. Sometimes the best way to heal your mind is to get lost in it for a while. Hopefully, with this and learning more about myself by getting in tune with nature and my spiritual side I will be in a much better and happier head space. Please feel free to message me on here or on my social media with any questions, advice or anything about getting in tune with your spiritual side! I'd love to learn more about the practice.

Till next time,
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  1. I also love walks in nature, it certainly is theraputic! Although at the moment with how bad my hay fever is, it's a complete nightmare. I love your dress in these photos :)


  2. Love these more lifestyle posts! & all about that nature life 💖


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