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30 June 2018


Have you ever had that conversation with your friends about going out for a few drinks and you've been really confused about the dress code? You know the kinda conversation that ends with "yeah but are we going out or are we going out out?"

I have never really been the kind of girl that dresses up for a night out. I feel like my everyday wardrobe is extra enough that I can get away with wearing the same kind of thing for a night out. I value comfort on a night out over how I look. When I was at uni all my friends had a wardrobe and then a going out wardrobe and I just never got it! I refused to only buy clothes that I would wear on the odd night out because lets face it, it's a huge waste of money and it wouldn't get worn as often as I wanted it to! I also had the problem with going out clothes all being super tight, super uncomfortable and well... all the same! One of the qualities I pride myself on is that I am an individual and my style of dress is very different to what you would typically see. Every time I go out, it's like I see thirty replicas of the same outfit and that's just not me! It got me thinking that there had to be a balance. I way that I could simultaneously look like I had actually made more of an effort than usual but also stay true to myself and represent my style of fashion.

Since the 90s is a huge influence on my style, I knew this mini slip dress was perfect for helping me to create my perfect going out out outfit. I've never felt confident in short dresses because I am quite self conscious about how I look, especially my legs. So, its kind of been a running joke in my family that my knees look like baby faces (you're all going to scroll down and scrutinise my knees at this point, aren't you?) I've also had larger thighs with quite a few stretch marks and cellulite on. This has always made me feel really self conscious about how I look in dresses, I'm really critical of myself and just feel like I'm better of hiding them under a pair of trousers. Since getting my tattoo, I show my legs more often because it's just so beautiful it helps me to forget all about my own insecurities! I am a very casual dresser and if I ever wear a dress, it's usually paired with a striped tee. For me, it's important to feel comfortable and confident in how you dress and for me, that means making my outfits slightly more casual - it's what I know and am comfortable with. I also paired this outfit with potentially the only heels I can wear on a night out. I love how this outfit makes me feel and I feel a hell of a lot cooler than I actually am wearing it!

Dress - Urban Outfitters // Tee - H&M // Boots - H&M

The 90s will always be a main source of inspiration I take for my outfits. This slip dress and striped tee combo has become my go to for looking cool and staying true to my personal style when I go out out!

Till next time,

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  1. I love this outfit - and you can never go wrong with a slip dress! PS - I love your style! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

  2. babe, first off you should be proud of your own body, its beautiful, amazing and most importantly it’s yours! Also the dress is everything !! <3
    Kinga xx


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