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9 June 2018


Okay, not to jinx it but.. I think we might actually be in summer?! The weather has definitely been better over the past few weeks - its been warmer, I've actually seen the sun, it hasn't rained as much and more often than not I can leave my house without wearing a coat.

Whilst I am here for the warmer weather there is just one problem I have, I am not a person who ever knows how to dress for this weather. My style is definitely more suited towards the cooler months because lets face it, I wear a lot of black and we all know that is never the best colour to wear in the summer! There is just so much about summer fashion that makes me feel so out of my depth and well,  really self conscious. I have always been insecure with how I look and whilst I am much more confident than before, there is still that voice of doubt in my head that will never go away. For me summer fashion encompasses everything that makes me uncomfortable - the bright colours, tighter clothing and showing more skin.

I just feel like the fashion I have been seeing on the high street is so far away from my comfort zone and that makes me nervous. I have never really been one to follow the trends but when it comes to how to dress in the summer, I'm just clueless! All sense of style goes out the window for me and is overtaken by one thing - feeling comfortable. I have a love / hate relationship with summer because whilst I love how the lighter days and brighter weather have an impact on my mood and motivation. I am not a fan of feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, which is often how I feel in the summer. For me, I need to feel cool otherwise I start to get really aggy and grumpy. I'm also not the biggest fan of wearing dresses and skirts as part of my everyday wardrobe and just feel so much more comfortable in a pair of trousers. Bandeau tops have become a life saver for me, as they are the perfect item to help me stay cool and feel comfortable this summer. I am a member of the no tits club and proud. Having no boobs really doesn't bother me but I was slightly hesitant that a top in this style wouldn't stay up because there is nothing to hold it in place but I haven't had any problems so far! I really love this style of top and have a feeling pairing a bandeau with some wide leg trousers is going to be my summer style staple.

Bandeau Top - Missguided // Trousers - Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Converse // Bag - Dr Martens

Finding a way to stay true to my personal style and is comfortable is going to be quite the challenge but I am excited to experiment more with this style. You will probably catch me living in this outfit this summer... you know all two weeks of sun we actually get!

Till next time,
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  1. This post is so painfully relatable haha! I wear so much black and when the warmer months arrive I have no idea what to wear. You're rocking this outfit though! I am kinda looking forward to Autumn, not going to lie. x


  2. I was really looking forward to seeing your summer posts, as I would love to wear more of a gothic style in the summer but I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing black in the heat. I absolutely love what you’ve done - those trousers suit you so well!

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee


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