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27 June 2018


Is there anything better than going to a festival to watch all your favourite bands?! Festivals have become so much more popular over the years, with our summers now being dominated by festivals that cover every style of music. With all of this it’s got me excited about the future of festival going and how advances in technology could drastically improve our experience. 

So, I’m a bit of tech lover. I feel like technology just continues to develop and improve at such a rapid rate! It amazes me to think about the technology advances that have happened just in my lifetime, our lives are now unrecognisable to the ones that we lived a couple of decades ago and it’s all thanks to tech! 

Festivals are a place that we can all get together to share our love for one thing - music. Festivals have become a popular way to share this love and there are now so many festivals that cover pretty much every genre of music, which is pretty damn cool! Festivals themselves have progressed so much in recent years and I feel like a clear way to see this is through the way we access and receive our tickets. More and more of us are wanting to access our tickets through tech, preferring e tickets to the standard tickets and wristbands. A recent study found that 50% of millennial would prefer contactless or RFID methods of tickets than the standard wristband* and I am with them. We live our lives on our phones! As sad as it may seem, my whole life is saved and stored into my phone, I carry it everywhere! So, funny story, I went to Slam Dunk a couple weeks back and had my ticket ready until the night before where I could not find it anywhere! Long story short, I ended up having to get a new ticket. None of this would have happened if my ticket was an e ticket that I could access on my phone. So, for people who are notorious at loosing important things (like me), e tickets are a great advancement . There is also another cool feature that is being trialled in some contactless tickets, having cash preinstalled with your ticket and then simply scan your ticket to buy food and drink. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us never carry cash. I can’t remember the last time I had cash because I do all my payments either online or with my card! The thing about e tickets and this form of payment method is that is all helps to improve safety at festivals! If you could transfer money to your “ticket” then you wouldn’t even need to take your card with you, which is a huge bonus for someone like me! 

Looking forward to the future, I am so excited to see how technology can further advance and improve our festival going experience! The study conducted*, also looked into the type of advances we should hope to be seeing at festivals in the not to distant future and let me tell you, I am stoked! Power bank stations are something I have seen at a few festivals, but there are plans for these to become more widespread in the future. This is kinda vital if festivals are thinking of making that switch to e tickets and I mean is also just a really great idea. Like I’ve already mentioned, we now live in a era where we live our lives through our phones and social media platforms, so to offer power banks so we can stay connected just seems like the next logical step! Another pretty cool idea are virtual tours through VR headsets. This gives festival goers the chance to go on an exclusive virtual tour behind the set to really get to the heart of what goes on behind the scenes of the festival. With the advancements in technology, we are now able to expand what people see at a festival and one the ways this can happen is through holographic performances by artists that are no longer with us, I’ve seen this done a couple of times and I just think it’s a really cool and touching concept! We all have a band or artist that we want to see but unfortunately will never get the chance to, mine being Chester playing in Linkin Park, so to think that I still might get that chance as a result of holographic technology restores that hope a little. 

With all these advancements being made to improve the experience of festivals, I am so excited for the future of festivals and to see how these advancements can improve and change festivals altogether! All information and research data mentioned in this post is curtsey of Data Label, who conducted the survey. Follow the link for more information and to give their original research data a read! 

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  1. I do enjoy e-tickets as a backup, but also the printed edition as an e-ticket-backup, haha. we actually have a british festival here in austria (snowbombing) where the rfid chip is attached to the wristband, what a comfort! last festival I've been to you had to get a cashless card (which a looot of people were bound to lose, obv). great to read your thoughts!


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