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21 July 2018


I've come to realise that I care too much. I spend too much time thinking about other people. Caring about people that definitely don't put the same effort in as me. Worrying about what others think about me. Caring too much about what people might say about how I choose to dress, spend my time and how I choose to live. I need to stop caring so much.

I am constantly caught up thinking about what other people might think or say about me and my style. I was reluctant to wear this outfit at first and it was all because I was worried what others might say or think about me. I criticised pretty much every part of this outfit - everything from wearing a crop top to worrying this skirt was too short. I was so caught up in worrying about what somebody else might think that I almost let it stop me from wearing it. Then it hit me, this is the way I choose to dress and I am done feeling bad about it. I am heavily influenced by the style of the 90s and what I love so much about the grunge / punk style is that it is a statement of not caring. I love how in the 90s people embraced who they were, how they wanted to dress and completely owned it! I want to embrace this mindset into my own life and care less about others and more about myself.

My style is so important to me and I am so proud that I have a unique sense of dress. However, I do sometimes get so caught up in feeling like I shouldn't be dressing the way I do. That people are constantly talking or laughing at the way I choose to dress. I've had some pretty negative experiences with other people and how they react to the way I dress. It's my style, my body and I should be free to dress the way I want. I'm done worrying about what other people might think about how I choose to dress because this is how I choose to dress and nobody should get to comment on it. I'm learning to not care about what others think about my style because their opinion shouldn't matter and it definitely shouldn't be stopping me from wearing the style of clothes I love! I'm choosing to care less about what others think and focusing more on how I feel and to be honest I feel pretty fucking cool in this outfit!

Top - Zara // Skirt - Missguided // Boots - Dr Martens // Tights - Primark // Dagger Pendant - CarterGore 

Choosing to adopt an 'I don't care' attitude has been such an empowering feeling. Sometimes it's not only good but necessary to care less. It's okay to be selfish and put yourself first. To not care about others if it means you can focus on caring about yourself. I'm caring less but gaining so much more.

Till next time,
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  1. Yes babe own your awesome style

  2. This outfit is PERFECT summer goth for me

  3. Mastering the art of not giving a fuck is one of the best lessons in life! xxx


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