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8 July 2018


My skin has always been an aspect of my life that I felt needed a lil bit of extra work. I have been working on perfecting my skincare routine since January and I can honestly say my skin has never felt or looked better! On of the key pieces of information I've learnt is how to adapt my skincare routine to the different seasons and how to achieve that perfect summer glow.

If you hadn't figured it out already, I am a huge advocate of Kiehl's. I've been wanting to write a post all about my favourite skincare brand for so long now because Kiehl's and the products I have purchased from there have saved my skin! I used to be really self conscious of the way my skin looked and how this also had a huge impact on how my makeup ended up looking. I never fully understood the connection between the two until I started improving my own skincare routine and listening to the advice from the Kiehl's skincare goddesses! So we all know that wearing foundation in the summer is not fun! I hated the feeling of excess oil and that feeling like my face was slipping off. Since I have taken better care of my skin and become summer skin ready, I don't feel the need to wear foundation anymore in the summer and it is honestly the best decision I've made! My skin looks so healthy and I love my summer glow!

I have insanely dry skin and this is only worse in the summer! My face usually ends up feeling really dry, tight and just looks really dull and tired. During the summer months my go to products are the Daily Reviving Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate Duo, Suncream and the Glow Formula. As someone who suffers from dry and dehydrated skin, I cannot recommend the Concentrates enough! They are a fantastic combination that work to help your skin during the different times of the day and what your skin needs as a result of this! The reviving concentrate works to protect your skin throughout the day from whatever it may face, to keep your skin looking and feeling radiant and fresh whilst the recovery concentrate works to repair your skin and keeps it hydrated throughout the night. I also have to just say that these smell AMAZING, they are worth it just for the smell alone! They are essential products for summer skin as they help to protect and repair whatever your skin may have to face throughout the day. One of the most crucial part of any summer skin routine is suncream. This may seem like an obvious but I had no idea just how crucial this was to any skincare routine all year round until a Kiehl's event, in which I learnt that 80% of premature aging was as a result of exposure to UV rays. Whilst direct sunlight is what we should be protecting ourselves against more in the summer it is important to remember that it is the UV rays that are the most damaging. Since then, I make sure that I wear suncream everyday not only to protect my skin from damaging UV rays but also to make sure my skin stays as youthful and radiant for as long as possible!

Okay, this product needs its own paragraph so you know it's gonna be good! The Glow Formula is without a doubt the greatest product I have ever put on my face. It has changed my life has made my skin look so damn good! If you follow me on Instagram you are probably fed up by now of hearing me talk about this product, but I just can't help it! Everyone needs to know how insane this product is for not only improving the overall health of your skin over time but for the instant radiance and dewy look it gives to the skin. This really is skin goals in a bottle! Since buying this product, I no longer wear foundation because I don't feel the need to! My skin looks so good without it that I no longer feel the need to hide any imperfections because there aren't any! I absolutely love this product and it just gives me the perfect glow and dewy summer skin that I have been lusting after for so long! It is an absolute must for any skin this summer.

I couldn't be happier with my summer skin and cannot wait to spend the long hot summer nights without having to worry about how dehydrated or tight my skin feels. Kiehl's is my favourite skincare brand and since making the switch I wouldn't dream of using anything else. I have found a brand that not only makes my skin look and feel amazing but also I brand I truly believe in and want to rave about to the world! I have to give a huge thank you to Saff and Han for being the best skincare queens and helping me to get summer skin ready. This is the summer of the bare faced glow! 

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  2. Love this, your skin looks incredible! Kiehls isn't for me (I'm too loyal to my lovely Body Shop) but I love how much more confidence you new routine has given you. Gorgeous as always <3


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