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29 August 2018


I'm getting all the Deja Vu with this photoset. If you are an older reader of my blog and have been following my lil blog since the beginning then you may find this outfit a little familiar...

This floral dress / denim jacket combo was one of the first outfits I featured on Midnight and Lace back in January 2017. My attention was brought back to this post recently (you can read the original post here) and I had a few thoughts. My first was that I definitely didn't do this outfit justice and could do a much better job now and the second was about the journey my fashion blogging has been on since then. So, I decided to attempt to shoot this outfit again, using what I now know and hopefully, doing a much better job than before. I gave the outfit a few lil 2018 upgrades like a black denim jacket over a blue one, over oversized fishnet tights and my beloved Jadon Dr Martens, which I wish I had owned back at the start of 2017! I think it's safe to say the difference is pretty insane and I hope you'll agree that this time, my photos turned out so much better than my first attempt.

It's not that I think the original post is rubbish, I'm still really proud of it! If anything its bittersweet to look back on a post that definitely isn't one of my best and remind myself how far Midnight and Lace has come since then. I remember being so scared to share my face online - my blog actually stated out as an anonymous blog. I know, it makes me laugh too. But, that was the reality of the person I was at the time. I didn't have any confidence in myself, I eventually plucked up the courage to share an outfit post, after the support from the lovely people on twitter, then I started to do it more and more, until it was a regular feature on my blog. In the original blog post of this outfit, I used to shoot all my outfits in our garden whilst all my housemates were out because I was too embarrassed to tell them about my blog. I used to shot my photos on my camera, using our glass bin propped on top of a garden chair to make sure I was in frame - it was a nightmare! A lot has changed since then. I became more comfortable and more natural in front of the camera, which made me feel confident enough to leave the comfort of my home and seek out other locations for photo backgrounds. I brought myself a real camera, which was the best investment I could have made for my blog. I also have a willing photographer and the support of my family who very much help me out massively with creating my content. I feel like my blog has an endless amount of support from my readers and that is what keeps me wanting to improve and create the best content I can!

Floral Dress - H&M // Black Denim Jacket - Monki // Boots - Dr Martens // Fishnet Tights - Primark 

I am unbelievably proud of Midnight and Lace, what it has achieved and how far it has come since I published my first post. Midnight and Lace is my greatest achievement and I finally have the courage to share that with the world. I love getting to look back and see how not only my content has improved but how I, as a person has, as a result of this space I have created on the internet. I loved getting to recreate a blog post from my early days and who knows, maybe I'll recreate it again in a couple years when my blogging has improved again! 

Till next time, 
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  1. Oh what a lovely post. It is a lovely outfit but made even better with the emotional important it carries. Well done you 😊 B x



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