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4 August 2018


If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my ghouls... Have you ever found an outfit that just made you feel like such a fierce queen?! Well, I have truly found mine in this killer combo of camo and stripes. This outfit makes me feel like the ultimate mix of a goth spice girl and a living Bratz doll and it is truly the dream! 

Camo / army style print has been a trend I had been wanting to try but was so hesitant to at first because I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to pull it off. The kind of women I had seen rocking this trend were insanely cool and let's face it, that's not me! I didn't think I was cool enough to rock this trend and would instead look like a member of the cadets (anyone remember that?!). Anyways, I had been lusting after these trousers in Topshop and couldn't stop thinking about them, which is usually a sign that you need to buy said item of clothing, am I right?! So, I took the plunge, brought them and they have quickly become my most worn item in my wardrobe! These are without a doubt my favourite trousers at the minute and everything I was initially worried about have proven to be not an issue. I am pleasantly surprised with how well they fit within an alternative style and are very reminiscent of Avril Lavigne skater style, which I love! 
When I had this outfit in mind of how I wanted to look, I only had one thought - I want to look like a Bratz doll. Growing up Bratz dolls were the cool, edgy version of a Barbie doll and I'm not even going to lie, even know I have serious envy over their wardrobe. Jade was clearly my favourite Bratz doll and she served some serious goth looks! She was definitely a main source of inspiration for this look. I've also always struggled with how to style my hair and feel like it looks the same in every shoot I do, so I decided to tie sections up into lil pigtails, very baby spice esque and I love how just something so simple made me feel so 90s edgey and different. I don't often feel this way about myself but I feel so insanely cool and confident in this outfit and I am feeling all the Bratz doll vibes. They may be just dolls but they are fashion icons and I would like to spend the rest of my life feeling as cool as a Bratz doll. 

Top - H&M // Trousers - Topshop // Boots - Dr Martens // Skull bracelet - Links of London // Bangle and Pendant - CarterGore 

Getting the chance to live out my Bratz doll fantasy was so much fun and I feel like it shows in these photos! I have to give credit for the blogpost title to @whatsemmawearin for fantastically coming up with the idea that I looked like a lost member of the Spice Girls - Goth Spice. Living my ultimate 90s dream in this photoset and I am fully embracing Bratz Dolls as my new fashion heros

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  1. I used to do my hair like this all the time when I first got it cut short, 100% rekindled my love for it from these photos! xxx


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