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1 August 2018


Who doesn't love food?! I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm either eating food or thinking about when I'm next going to eat food. I am definitely a fan of the midnight snack... and well just snacking in general. I'm the kind of girl that snacks throughout the day and is known for always having food on me because your girl gets hungry and you never know when you need a snack.

I am that girl that wakes up in the middle of the night hungry. I've even created a lil midnight snack stash in my room filled with my fave snacks to help with the midnight cravings. My favourite things to snack on have to be things with a bit of crunch like crisps or cereal. Anyone who knows me, knows cereal is my favourite thing ever. I will eat it at any chance I get. I'm not too fussed when it comes to cereal as long as its covered in sugar because I have quite the sweet tooth! If I were to narrow it down to my top 3 cereals I would have to choose Frosted Shreddies, Golden Nuggets and Coco Pops. I've always loved cereal and its just my go to snack. We've already established I have an insanely sweet tooth and I am constantly eating and drinking anything with a bit of sugar in. There's this running joke at work and with my friends that I run of a Coca Cola buzz and I mean... I can't argue with them! It's the only thing I will drink and I can easily have two cans a day. I know it's really bad for you but I just can't not drink it, it gives me energy and I think it's safe to say I'm a lil addicted! I love having a midnight snack because there's still a part of me that feels like I'm breaking the rules by doing it (I know, I'm a badass).

I love food so much and had this crazy idea to shoot some photos in front of my fridge, mainly so I could talk about my love for food on my blog. Luckily, my lil sister and photographer was completely on board for trying my crazy ass idea and to be honest, I kinda love how these photos turned out! The fridge lighting surprisingly worked in my favour and I'm so glad that we decided to try something new with the location and proved to myself that sometimes you can find the best locations in the oddest of places! I've been wanting to get a lil more creative on my blog and try new locations that I've previously been to scared to shoot. I had this fear that people would think I had lost my mind and that my photos were silly but I'm learning to not care as much. I really dig these photos and love how they look! We did good and I got to talk about my favourite subject - food!

If you're sat here currently thinking has she really dedicated an entire post to talking about her love for food and favourite snacks AND even done a shoot in front of her fridge?! Yes. Yes I have but if you hadn't worked out I'm this extra at this point that's on you and I mean food is life so I have absolute 0 regrets. So, to sum up we love food and shooting in weird locations like in front of the fridge was a win!

Let me know your favourite midnight snacks below - let's talk food.

Till next time,
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  1. I absolutely love how well you've worked this location for a shoot and even more that you've dedicated a WHOLE post to food and snacks. This is definitely why you're one of my favourite bloggers!

    Kayla | www.kaylajayne.co.uk

  2. You should definitely start up a mini-series called Midnight & Snax... I'd be here for that! Right alongside ya with the cereal too, perfect night time food! xxx


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