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15 August 2018


In a couple days time (Saturday to be specific) I will be turning 22. I have mixed feelings about getting one year older (damn you gerontophobia) and I've been thinking a lot about the phrase "one year older, one year wiser" that is often thrown around at this time of year. It's got me asking myself - am I any wiser?!

Since my last birthday, I have been on quite the journey. This year I have had both one of my top and worst moment of my life. After turning 21, I was on top of the world, my life couldn't have been going better and I couldn't have been in a better and happier place! As this year has gone on, my life started to go downhill and my mental health plummeted to an all time low. How I started my 21st year couldn't be more different to how I'm ending it and I guess that makes me a little sad. It's crazy to think about how much a person, their life and state of being can change in a year. I feel like life has constantly thrown hurdles and problems for me to overcome this year and I feel like this has been my most challenging year. So with all that being said, I feel like the least I deserve is a bit of life wisdom. A learning lesson (or two) that I can take through with me in my life. Something I can learn from and feel like I'm a better or at the very least stronger person for having to go through. I think I deserve to have a bit of "life wisdom" as I approach becoming a year older. Instead, I have never felt more confused about myself and my life than ever before!

I don't think I am any wiser or any closer to understanding life than last year. If anything, I am more confused about my life and myself than ever before. I'm confused about a lot of things right now and I'm realising there is still so much I don't have the answer to or think I ever will! I have made more mistakes than ever before, mistakes I continue to make over and over again (mainly thanks to alcohol!). I guess the one piece of "wisdom" I have learnt this year is that it's okay to make stupid mistakes and to keep making them! You don't have to have your life together in your twenties. I'm going to sleep in and regret it, I'm going to make mistakes at work, I'm going to keep telling myself I' going to start going to the gym and then end up ordering a pizza instead, I'm going to go out and let myself get a little worst for wear and you know what? I'm going to do all of these over and over again. You don't always have to learn from your mistakes.

Striped Tee - H&M // Leather Skirt - New Look // Boots - KillStar // Bag - KillStar 

So, I'm entering my 22nd year (wow that sounded formal) planning to make more mistakes, to learn from some of them and to not learn from others! Life is filled with mistakes and some of them might even be pretty damn fun! I'm going to be a year older on Saturday but I'm definitely not any wiser on getting my life together and that is exactly how it should be!

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