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22 August 2018


Having the courage to share your individuality and personal style with the world is one of the best and greatest highs in life. It's pretty incredible that we live in a world where we have the freedom to dress how we want and get to represent our personality through the clothes we wear. However, making that choice to take ownership of your style can be extremely daunting and scary especially in such a critical and judgemental world. 
It's almost back to school time and whilst at the age of 22 I'm not technically heading back to school to be a student, I am heading back to school as I work as a primary school teacher. So, for me September is always my January. I have always seen this as my true new year and the perfect opportunity to reflect and think about how I want to grow and move forward this year. As I go back to school, I want to take greater ownership of my style at work. I have always struggled to find a balance between my personal style and still dressing in a way that is acceptable at work. In the past, I dressed in a way that I thought was what people wanted, I tried to dress for my job and not for myself and it left me feeling like an imposter. I am not a Miss Honey teacher, I never will be! I realised that I was dressing to please those around me and it was making me miserable and become resentful of the job I love so much. I realised that if I was to carry on, then I needed to do it my way. I needed to take ownership of my style - I needed to take ownership of who I am and be proud of that. Bring proud of myself and sharing this with those I work with, including my class, was a true turning point for me. Yes, I did face some back lash from some parents. Yes, some members of staff like to make fun of how I dress and roll their eyes at me. But, none of that matters to me. I don't dress for anyone else but myself. I dress to express who I am and be an individual. To take ownership of my life and my style and to encourage the children I work with everyday to do the same in their own lives - to stand out from the crown, be themselves and teach them that it's okay to be different.

As September approaches, I've been looking ahead to how I am going to take further ownership of my style and find the balance between staying true to my style and dressing like a professional. A watch is a key essential, that is both practical and makes a fashion statement. I have never owned a watch up until this point because I have never been able to find a watch that I feel is both reliable for my day and still makes a statement that fits with my style. However, ADEXE WATCHES* have changed all of that! Honestly, the range of watches they have available is insane and there is a style of watch for everyone! Browsing through their Women's collection I fell in love with so many different styles of watches and the different colour combinations that are available. I have always loved big faced watches because I like to make a statement with each of my outfits. When looking for a watch, I knew I also wanted something quite minimalistic and limited on colour. This Grande Black & Silver Watch is the perfect watch for me, as it features everything I have been looking for! I am in love with the simple and elegant Black and White combination of the strap and watch face, as this will be a watch I can wear with every outfit. It makes a statement whilst allowing me to take full ownership of my style. 

Striped Dress - Urban Outfitters // Boots - KillStar // Coffin Bag - KillStar // Watch* - ADEXE Watches

Taking ownership of your style, especially whilst at work or school can be so difficult and pretty daunting! But choosing to express yourself, your individuality and staying true to who you are is so incredibly brave and one of the most freeing feelings. We shouldn't have to feel like we have to hide who we are to fit in for a job. I dress for myself and no one else. I wasn't employed for how I dress, I was employed for how I teach. I am a goth teacher and proud of it. I had a child this year tell me that because of me and how I dress they now feel like it's okay to be themselves and that standing out and being different is okay and that, for me, is far more important than any back lash I will ever get. Taking ownership of my style is encouraging others to do the same and I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. I love this post so much! I teach too and I feel like it had created two versions of my: normal Bronwen and Teacher Bronwen. And this is definitely reflected in my outfits. In buzzing for September because I feel like it's a new start. I think that's probably why I love autumn and winter so much as it's a chance to restart things.


  2. I so needed this post. At my age, you are supposed to act and look it. However, I am such a quirky person that I don't know who I am day after day. Your blog is what I have been needing...so personal, so honest. Thank you!!!

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