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8 August 2018


Yep. You read my title right. This is a quote from a man on who I reminded him of. I'll be honest it wasn't the first time I was compared to easily the greatest character from Pulp Fiction, but it was definitely the most creative.

I feel like everyone has at least one celebrity of character that they are compared to. For me, I have quite a few. I'm putting it down to the fact that I am a goth and most people will then just tell me I look like any goth with black hair, without this person even looking like me in any way, shape or form. Sometimes when you're compared to someone you kinda sit back and think "really? do you honestly think I look like this person? And if so when was your last optician appointment because I think you're going to want to take that pretty soon." There are, however, a few group of people who I will quite openly accept that I have a resemblance to. I've been told I look like a grown up Wednesday Addams (I mean this is more of a me wishing I was the adult version of Wednesday, rather than me thinking I do look like her), Mavis from Hotel Transylvania - there's this little girl at the school I work at who is convinced I am Mavis and I've quickly learnt it's easier to play along so we have great conversations about my Dad's hotel and Jonathon (at least if I'm Mavis I have a boyfriend and let's face it, this is the closest I'll ever come to that!), Abby from NCIS and I personally feel this is the comparison that is the most accurate because not only do I look a lot like Abby because she dresses very gothic but I look insanely like the actress that plays her - Pauley Perrette. I didn't know who she was at first because I'd never really watched the show but after I googled her I saw a lot of facial comparisons and I mean I don't want to alarm anyone but I think she might be my mother. And finally the one, the only - Mia Wallace. It's definitely because of the hair and this comment was made when my hair was the same length as Mia's.

It's kind of becoming a bit of a running joke that I look like Mia Wallace (minus the cocaine and almost OD... obviously). So, when I was out at the weekend and saw this t-shirt I knew I had to buy it. It was intended as a joke, to make a point that I know I look like Mia Wallace and be really funny. However, I didn't take into account that to someone who has not seen Pulp Fiction it may look like I am wearing a t-shirt of myself and make me look like the most vain and egocentric person, possibly ever. My nail technician thought I was wearing a t-shirt of myself and it was equally funny and embarrassing explaining that I hadn't gotten a t-shirt made with my face on and that it was a character from a film. Putting that aside, I really love this t-shirt and haven't stopped wearing it since I got it. I love graphic t-shirts from films and music that I love, it's another way I can show the world what I like and represent another lil part of myself and if people want to compare me to Mia Wallace, I really don't have a problem with that!

Pulp Fiction Tee - Topshop // Checked Trousers - New Look // Shoes - Converse // Lipstick (714) - Urban Decay 

I love hearing people's comparisons of who they think I might look like. I don't think anyone will get as close as Pauley, I think I'm her doppelgänger. As far as comparisons go, Mia Wallace is not a bad one - I'm just hoping they mean the cool Mia when she's dancing with Vincent, not the Mia on the verge of dying from an overdose... 

Let me know your famous comparisons or if you have any more I can add to my list - I'd love to read them all! 

Till next time,
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  1. god I love this look, the pants are just perfect. tbh I'd find it HILARIOUS to wear a shirt of myself, don't have a good motive yet but I've just put this on my to do list.

  2. Ahahaha, omg, imagine someone thinking you're wearing a t-shirt of your own face though, that's amazing!! You definitely do remind me a little of Pauley Perrette and she's fricking awesome!! :D xx

    Holly | www.gollymissholly.uk

  3. OMG, I actually chuckled at the fact that you're nail tech thought you were wearing a t-shirt of yourself! I definitely agree that you resemble a real-life Mavis, I love Hotel Transylvania and the fact that you actually have conversations with one of the children about your Dad's hotel and Jonathan!

    p.s those trousers look fab on you!

    Kayla | www.kaylajayne.co.uk

  4. Abby was my go to style icon for most of my teenage years, you make me miss my goth life so much! xxx

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