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26 September 2018


The last word I would use to describe myself is colourful. My wardrobe is 90% black and I wouldn't have it any other way! It is the one colour I will always feel the most confident in. It's the colour I feel best represents who I am and what I love. 

My style is very much influenced by my interests and I feel like the category that I best fall into is being a goth. The colour that is mostly associated with this is the colour black and it is the colour I wear most. Being a goth and having a lot of "gothic" interests like Halloween, the afterlife and spiritual happenings kind of all have a similar colour associated with them and more often than not when you think of goths and how they dress, it tends to be all black. I very much do fall into this way of styling myself and I will always feel more confident and like my best self when I am dressed in head to toe black. In my opinion there is no such thing as wearing too much black. It is a colour that goes with everything and is perfect for every occasion. The most important thing fashion has given me is confidence. There is nothing better than feeling like a god damn queen because of the outfit you are wearing and for me wearing black helps me to feel so confident. When I am dressed in head to toe black I feel like a true goth queen that can take on the world! 

Not only is it the colour I am the most confident in but I definitely have become comfortable in wearing black. Even when I try to get out of my comfort zone and add a little colour to my everyday wardrobe... I find myself constantly going back to my beloved all black. Black is such a style staple in every wardrobe and for me is the colour that makes me feel confident and happy with how I look. I have never really been a fan of wearing jeans but these ones I have are so comfy and make me feel pretty confident about my body and the shape of my thighs, which has always been an area of insecurity for me. Wearing head to toe black makes me feel so fierce and insanely cool and will always be a signature look for me. 

Top - Monki // Jeans - New Look // Boots - KillStar // Bag - KillStar 

I will never not love wearing the colour black and working it into my everyday style. Unleashing your love for the dark side and dressing in all black is such a killer look and getting to find such a colourful background to shoot these photos was such a huge bonus! The contrast between the overly vibrant background and my ultra black outfit makes these photos so cool and I love how they turned out.

Let me know your go to colour to wear in the comments below!

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  1. I've been wearing black since the beginning of time and I wouldn't change it anytime soon! I do pair it up with a little colour sometimes, but black is just the best colour for clothes! I love your outfit, especially the boots! They're gorgeous­čśŐ✨


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