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19 September 2018


I don't know about you but I always feel guilty when I'm not happy and I don't know why. I feel like we have been programmed to feel like in order to feel sad there must be a reason behind it. Quite often there is but sometimes you just feel sad for no particular reason and there is nothing wrong with that!

I feel like it is typically seen that being sad is negative or something we should want to avoid. We live in a society that only wants to show the positive and happiest times of our lives - we only share our best selves. I am guilty of living like this. You only ever see the positive times in my life or the moments I am happy but this is far from the truth. I live in a constant battle with myself and how I see myself, which can leave me feeling pretty low and miserable. Sometimes I wake up with this looming sense of sadness. There are times where I just lie on my bed and cry about everything that is going wrong. I have days where I just want to crawl up in a bawl and forget about everything and everyone. There are days where I just feel sad.

The thing about being sad and feeling this way is that you can't always control it and you can't always explain it either. I'm learning so much more about my emotions recently and how it can be insanely difficult to control them. Sometimes I don't have control of my emotions. Some days my emotions and thoughts control me. It can make you feel so out of control and like you are loosing yourself. But through loosing yourself to your emotions for a while, you can learn so much about yourself. Accepting that there are going to be days where you feel so far removed from everything, that you aren't going to feel happy every day and that life isn't always going to plan can help to make the most difficult of times a little easier. Surrendering yourself to sadness can sometimes be the best thing you can do. Letting go of everything and having a cry can release so much pent up anxiety and energy and leave you feeling so much better afterwards. Having these feelings means you can be so much more empathetic and understanding of the world around you. It means that you can accept the world for everything it is - even the bad. It makes you wiser, kinder and stronger. Sometimes being a sad girl can be a positive experience.

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You can't always control how you feel. Your emotions can't always be how you want them to be and it can be really difficult to be at peace with that. We live in a world that hides the bad and has grown to see any kind of sadness as weakness. But in reality, it is the complete opposite - it makes us stronger and I am proud to be a Sad Girl.

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  1. It's so refreshing to read an article like this in a world that often encourages people to "keep up appearances," smile or "keep up with the Joneses." My daughter is going to therapy now for depression and anxiety. The therapist and I told her that it's okay to want to be alone sometimes or to feel anti-social or to cry. By the way, I am a fan of your YouTube channel and noticed that you have taken the content down. Will you be returning to YouTube or is taking it down a permanent decision? Whatever you decide, I'm glad you have kept your blog going! You look beautiful in these pictures, btw!


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