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29 September 2018


The power suit. It seems this symbol of female power that defined the 80s is making a comeback this Autumn, with suits in every colour and fabric dominating the fashion scene. There is just something so secretly badass about a power suit that I can't help but love.
A power suit + tartan fabric = my idea of heaven. I have been on the hunt for a tartan suit for a while now after watching an old episode of Top of the Pops with my parents and seeing the frontman of an 80s rock band wearing a yellow tartan suit with a pair of Dr Martens. I had honestly never seen anything so cool in my life and had been religiously searching every site possible for a tartan suit since then when I stumbled across this one day - I could have cried! It is the most insanely cool and badass things I have ever owned! The 80s was when the power suit thrived and pretty much dominated the fashion scene with a whole host of designers featuring the power suit in their collections. I am a huge fan of finding inspiration from previous decades and I am stoked that the power suit is making a return to the forefront of fashion this Autumn.

The balance I struggle with at work is to look semi "professional" whilst still staying true to who I am and my sense of style. It has taken me modest of my life to feel at peace with who I am, embrace being different and feel confident enough to express that through my clothes. However, I guess I work in quite a professional job. As a teacher the dress code is kind of vague and I never know if I'm pushing the boundaries slightly with how I dress. I do (occasionally) try to dress professional and this has become my go to if I want to dress a little more formally for work than usual. It is the best balance between me wanting to show that I am a young professional, who is a force to be reckoned with, but is still true to who I am and I feel like this is the perfect alternative outfit.

Tartan Suit - New Look // Black Tee - Monki // Shoes - Dr Martens

For me the power suit is the ultimate symbol of female empowerment in the workplace. It blows my mind that even now there is a huge divide in how women and men are treated based solely on their gender. It can be really difficult as a young female professional to make your way in the working world but I am ready. Along with my power suit, I'm ready to take on the world and I mean business.

Till next time,
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  1. I've always wanted a tartan suit i just haven't found the right one. I especially love the vintage designs. you're right power suits are great, and this one looks amazing on you!

  2. BLOODY HELL GIRL. You look absolutely incredible. I honestly wish on the daily that I looked like you and could pull off outfits like this!! I've wanted a suit for ages but I just can't seem to find one that looks cool but also smart on me!
    Alice Xx

  3. I fuckin' neeeeed a badass suit for work!


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