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31 October 2018


Happy Halloween my ghosts and ghouls - I hope you are having the best day! So it's no surprise that Lydia Deetz is my favourite character of all time. So much so, that I have her most famous line - "I, myself, am strange and unusual" tattooed on me. For the past few years I have done a Lydia look and this year I decided to make it my best year yet!
This year I actually had Halloween plans for the first time and went out over Halloween weekend. I knew I had to go dressed as my goth queen Lydia. I absolutely adore the red wedding dress Lydia wears during the wedding ceremony scene in Beetlejuice. I decided to have a go and making the costume myself through buying material and the basis of clothes that I needed online and adding my own details to make it a true Lydia dress. After sharing my outfit online, I received quite a bit of response and interest into how I made the dress, so I thought I would share my DIY attempt with you all.

First, I went scouring online to see if I could pick up some cheap fabric and the basis of the outfit. I managed to find a mesh bodysuit on BooHoo for £5 and everything else I got from Amazon - a tulle skirt for £12, a pair of gloves for £3 and red tulle fabric for around £5. So, altogether my Lydia costume cost me around £25. The main and really only step was to add the red tulle to the bodysuit. I measured the fabric and cut it up into equal strips of rectangle around 5cm x 7cm. I then knotted them in the middle, in the hopes that this would make the tulle more poofy (is that even a word?!). Finally, I took the mesh insert from the bodysuit as my guide and sewed each piece of tulle on, making sure that they were pretty close to each and there were no visible gaps. This seems easy, but it took me forever and by the end of it I never wanted to see red tulle again! With the remaining strip of tulle I had, I sewed it to a hair grip to use as a veil.

The makeup and hair was just as important to me as the actual costume. For the makeup, I kept it not too far away from my everyday look because lets be honest, I try to look like Lydia everyday. I took a red eyeshadow and applied that in a wide almond shape around the entire of my eye before applying liquid liner. I then applied a red lip along with my pale foundation and I was pretty much done. The hair, however, took some extra work. My hair hates me around this time of year and this was no exception. To recreate Lydia's look requires a LOT of backcombing of the hair. I had to pretty much backcomb my entire hair and then separate a section at the top and tie it with an elastic band (it's best to do it with an elastic band because you are most likely going to end up having to cut it out due to the backcombing!). Lydia's fringe is iconic in being gelled and separated into cool looking spikes. I didn't have any gel handy so I used Vaseline and if I'm honest it probably worked better than if I used gel. The trick is to get it as greasy as possible so that'll stay clumped together. Finally, hairspray the whole thing.

Being Lydia this Halloween was my favourite thing ever and I am so happy with how my costume turned out! I hope you all have the best Halloween!

Till next time,

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