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13 October 2018


Halloween is fast approaching us and I hope you are having as much fun as I am adding a lil extra spook to your everyday life. What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with this Halloween spirit... see what I did there.

Halloween is the best time to let yourself go and unleash your dark side. We all have that little voice in our ear that is telling us to give in to what we know is a bad idea - whether it be to eat that extra slice of cake, have that one more drink or talk to that person we know isn't good for us! For me there is no better way I can think to spend Halloween than getting dressed up in a Halloween costume, having a few drinks and dancing to all the spooky songs. So, to be able to say I've had a bit of devil vodka is going to be a life changing experience. I feel like I spend my entire life trying to make the right decisions and worrying about how what I do effects others. This Halloween I'm making it my priority to let loose, have a little bit of fun and forget about being so freaking good all the time! I mean you know what they say - it's fun being wicked!

I can't think of a product I need more in my life this Halloween than a bottle of vodka beautifully displayed in a devil shaped bottle. I was over the moon when the brand behind the coolest alcohol concept got in touch about getting the product involved in Blogoween this year. I instantly fell in love with the brands concept and start - they are a fairly new brand and I love giving my support to small businesses, especially when they share the same loves as me - Halloween. It is clear how much detail has been put into every bottle because it is just perfection! This bottle is the coolest vodka bottle I've ever seen and is just everything you could need to help you truly get into the Halloween spirit this October.

The Fallen Angel Vodka is so beautifully hand crafted and tells such an impressive story from their bottle to how they've distilled their vodka. It is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to unleash their dark side this Halloween. There is a huge range of products on their site, alongside their story, background and an insane promo video so click here to check them out!

How are you going to be embracing the dark side this Halloween?

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