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18 October 2018


It's no secret that I celebrate Halloween all year round and the biggest part of this is decking out my room in Halloween decorations. I love this time of year because its where I get to find really cool gothic pieces that I can add to my ever-growing collection.
Being a Halloween lover means that this is the time of year for me to be on the hunt and buy items that I can have on display all year round. My room is definitely an extension of who I am and what I love the most - Halloween. I love my room and each piece I have been able to buy and add to my Halloween collection. I will typically look for anything that I feel is slightly spooky and has a definite goth edge to it like skulls, pumpkins and witchcraft. My favourite part of my room has to be my Halloween shelves above my bed as it is the main place I showcase all of the Halloween goodness I have managed to find over the years. It has everything from light boxes and skulls to candles and snow globes. I have also recently added figurines from The Nightmare Before Christmas and it has just completed my Halloween shelf perfectly! I regretted not getting any Halloween snow globes last year so made it my mission to add some to my collection this year and I found two that I just fell so in love with!

Moving on to the rest of my room, the Halloween theme continues. My Halloween cushions are another one of my favourite products I've managed to find and I now have three which I just adore to pieces! They really add such a cool Halloween vibe to my bed and are just the perfect addition to my spooky room. I have a bunch of other Halloween decor around my room from spooky prints to my mystical tapestry and paper art on my wall. I am so in love with my Halloween decorations and have been wanting to share them on my blog for a while now and what better time to do it than during Blogoween. My favourite place to pick up my Halloween decorations have to be either TKMaxx or Home Sense, the quality of their decorations is just incredible and I know that whatever I buy from there is going to last. I also love checking out the KillStar homeware section and have recently purchased a tapestry, wall hangings and blanket, which I use as a carpet, from there and it just really turns my room into the spooky room of my dreams.

Halloween is in my soul and I love getting to create my perfect Halloween haven in my room with all of my decorations up. For me, it's Halloween all year round and my decorations are the perfect way for me to share my love for my favourite day.

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