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23 October 2018


Have you ever seen a set of photos more on brand in your life?! I felt right at home at the pumpkin patch and couldn't resist getting some shots of me feeling like a true pumpkin queen. I love spooky season.
Around this time of year, I try and do as many Halloween themed days out and activities as possible to get truly in the mood on the run up to the greatest day of the year. Without a doubt, my favourite thing to do is go to the pumpkin patch and choose my pumpkins for the year. It's been something my family have done for the past two years and has definitely become one of our Halloween traditions. There is something so cool about getting to go to a farm, grabbing a wheelbarrow and getting to walk around and choose your own pumpkins. As you can well imagine, I am very particular when it comes to finding the "perfect" pumpkin. I always go in with the idea of what I want to carve, so I then have the task of finding a pumpkin that fits my carving idea. I had the best time choosing my pumpkins and can't wait to carve them, ready for Halloween.

Whilst I have been sharing a ton of Halloween costumes on my blog this month, I do always miss sharing my more usual outfit posts, especially since I rock Halloween themed attire every damn day. I recently stumbled across this Casper tee in Urban Outfitters and have been living in it ever since! I often get called Casper because ya know, pale. So for me it's the ideal t-shirt. The weather has taken a slight turn and it definitely feels more like Autumn, which means one thing - hats. I love wearing wooly hats and I am so glad it's finally cool enough for me to start wearing them again. This hat also served the double purpose of hiding my awful roots that were going on but ya know what - I feel like it makes the outfit.

Coat - New Look // Casper Tee - Urban Outfitters // Skirt - H&M // Boots - Dr Martens // Bag - KillStar // Ouija Necklace - Violet Delights // Gold Chain Necklace - Topshop 

I freaking love how these turned out. I feel like this photo set sums up my love for this time of year perfectly and I definitely felt like a true Pumpkin Queen sat amongst the pumpkins. Have you ever been pumpkin picking? 

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