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6 October 2018


So the next spooky girl I would need to have in my girl gang would be Coraline. Coraline is such a badass and has all the qualities of the perfect girl gang member.
Coraline would definitely be the baby of the group. She's the kind of girl that constantly needs looking after and will always find herself being bailed out of trouble by her best pals. She has a childlike wonder that sees everything as good - which can sometimes get her into trouble. She is incredibly adventurous and is down for anything you have planned - if there's one person you can count on to always be ready for a night out - it's Coraline. However, she's also that one friend that always goes missing because she's wandered off to find her own adventure. Coraline is also the bravest gal you'll ever meet and nothing scares her - she's faced her own evil other mother who tried to sew buttons into her eyes and escaped so nothing ever seems as scary in comparison! She will be there with you for anything and would definitely be down for a fight if ever the situation appeared. She's the kind of friend that seems a bit like a whirlwind but is the spirit and fun of the group and you know it wouldn't be as exciting without her around.

Coraline has been one of my favourite characters since forever! I love the book and the film and for me it is the perfect gothic story for children. It is a wonderfully weird and beautifully creepy story for both children and adults and I will never tire of reading the book. Coraline is the bravest and most adventurous child I've ever seen and she has to overcome so much in this book - besides just defeating her other mother. She has to battle uncaring parents, feeling unwanted, the conflict between good and bad and realise the difference between wanting things and needing people. It's a lot of life lessons for a child to have to learn but she manages to do it all and come out the hero!

A huge thank you to Hot Hair for sending me this wig to help me perfect my Coraline look! It really just takes my Coraline look to the next level!

I am loving creating my spooky girls gang - which members would you like to see become a part of my Halloween girl gang?

Till next time,
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  1. My spooky girl gang would have Nancy from the Craft, Angela from Night of the Demons, Mary from American Mary, and Amanda from the Saw films.


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