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4 October 2018


It's the first look of Blogoween 2018 and the first member of my spooky girl gang series. This year I have taken inspiration from my favourite artist to recreate my favourite spooky babes and create my own Halloween girl gang. The first member of my spooky girl gang has to be Edie Scissorhands. 

So technically a male, I have recreated Edward in the style of a badass babe. I feel like if Edie Scissorhands was in a girl gang she would definitely be the shy and caring member of the group. She would definitely be the girl you turned to when you needed some deep life advice or a shoulder to cry on... well maybe not because you know, scissor hands. Edie would be the sensitive member of the group that just gets your emotions and could instantly sense if there was something wrong, sometimes before you've even figured out that something is wrong. However, because of this she is insanely loyal and protective. If anyone dared to upset a member of her gang, she would be there with her freshly sharpened scissor hands ready to hurt any man that dared mess with her friend. In summary, Edie is the girl every spooky girl gang needs - caring, protective and ready to jump to your defence! 
Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films of all time mainly because of the character of Edward (and it has Winona Ryder in). Edward is such a precious and loving character and for me the film perfectly tells the story of how we, as a society, treat those that are different or don't fit into our own ideas of "normal". Edward has quite a tough ride in the film and the ending is just so beautifully sad for so many reasons that is a true tale of love and tragedy. I love the character that much that this is also the second year in a row Edward / Edie has featured for Blogoween. I really wanted to be able to show the progress I have made on my makeup skills this year, which is why my Blogoween series will feature close up portrait style shots and I am hoping you will be able to see the improvement from last years post. 

I'm really excited about sharing which spooky babes I would have in my girl gang this year and whilst this is a very basic, striped back idea - I really hope you'll like the simplicity of it all! Halloween is my favourite time of year and I just want to do my fave spooky characters justice!

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