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20 October 2018


It's another gender bender for the next member of my spooky girl gang - Jackie Skellington. How could I not include the Pumpkin King (Queen?!). I feel like The Nightmare Before Christmas was the film as a kid that made me fall truly in love with Halloween and opened a gateway of a lifelong love and admiration for the holiday.

Jackie would definitely be the Halloween lover of the gang. Her whole life revolves around this one day and they aim to celebrate it every day. They dress completely over the top whenever you go out and are always trying to convince their gang to go and do something spooky like watch horror movies, go on ghost walks or attempt to do an escape room. They are a thrill seeker and an action junkie, they crave that feeling that comes with being on edge and are insanely good when placed under pressure. However, they are also a massive perfectionist and if something is not going to plan they fall to pieces. They're secretly pretty insecure about themselves and are often filled with self doubt and feeling not good enough. They go through existential crisis' about their place in the world and often wonder if this all they are meant to be here for. But with the support of her friends she will soon learn that being a spooky babe is what she is best at and is perfect in her own way.

The Nightmare Before Christmas is such an iconic Halloween film and was definitely the first film I watched that got me so damn excited for Halloween. I love everything about it - the characters, the soundtrack, the dark imagery! As a kid I mainly focused on singing the songs and falling slightly in love with The Oogie Boogie Man (is that weird?!). I had a dream the other week that I had two puppies called Jack and Sally and now that has become my life goal. I feel like it tells a message of how Jack is so caught up in trying to be someone else to please others that he forgets there is a whole town and a special girl in particular that love him for who he is - The Pumpkin King. As weird as it may seem, I find the character of Jack so relatable to my own life for so many reasons, which just makes the whole film so much more special to me.

I hope you are enjoying my Blogoween self portrait series so far and are enjoying the lil twist I'm giving to them all in how I feel they would fit within the ultimate spooky girl gang! Don't forget to let me know which character you think you are most like so far in the comments below!

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  1. I wish I had the skills to edit a picture with all your gang members together!


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