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16 October 2018


Sally is one of the most innocent and precious characters I've ever watched and I just fall in love with her more every time I watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Sally's personality and she is honestly the nicest character in any Halloween film.
Sally is definitely the girl that has a heart of gold and is there for all her friends, whenever they need. She puts everyone else's needs before her own and is willing to do anything for anyone. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and you often wonder how you got so lucky to have a friend as amazing as Sally. As well as having the most purest heart she is also a true romantic and has fallen head over heels. In her heart she knows she has found her one true love and will do anything to prove it. She is willing to put her need for love before anything else and even when it may seem like she is putting in more of the effort and she deserves better than what she thinks, she knows it will work out in the long run and you couldn't be more happy for her. She deserves the world because she is the pure goodness in this world.

I was really nervous about even attempting to try Sally because I know how much she is loved by us Halloween peeps and I didn't want to ruin her in any way. I feel like this look showcases what I am trying to do this Blogoween the most - no makeup expert or have any real skill to pull of any Halloween content in any way but just a girl who loves Halloween and wants to share that with the world! I feel like my skin rejects face paint, every single time I try to use face paint it goes wrong. I have really dry skin so whether this just reacts really negatively and makes it look super patchy I don't know but hey, I gave it my best shot! And isn't that what Halloween is really all about - having fun and giving it a go!

Whilst this is definitely not the best Sally look you'll see this Halloween, I hope you enjoyed my attempt at it - I tried really hard! It may not be the best but I'm pretty proud I was even able to pull this off! I'll just be sat here waiting for my Jack in the meantime...

Till next time,
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